Top five best quotes in Gears of War/Gears 5

JD’;s reaction to finding out how Paduk and Baird knew each other.


“Plan? You don’t have a plan. Hmph, Plan,” -Damon at the start of ACT 2 in Gears 1/UE.

“Gobble Gobble motherf&#$ers!” -Cole, last Act of Gears 3 at some point.

“Good thing I wear a helmet,” -Clayton, Gears 3.

“But we wouldn’t be able to see snipers now, would we?” ; “Cool it Dom,” -Marcus and Dom, Gears 2.

“Some say war is hell. But war isn’t hell. For in Hell, the innocent are spared,” -Tai Kaliso.

I don’t have to explain myself. Sorry for any deadbeats if I slightly misquoted any of these.

  1. “The cole train, is gonna bring the pain baby! Wooo!”
    I have no clue where i heard this from…

  2. “Suck pavement!” Dominic Santiago curbstomp (Gears 2)

  3. “Yeah, but i got a problem. Something’s wrong with this thing! Hrng! It keeps jamming… see?” Anthony Carmines final words (Gears 1 original)

  4. “Jeez louise, What the f***!” Clayton carmine getting shot at (Gears 3)

  5. “Why don’t you love me Clayton?” Gary carmine being revived (Gears 5)


“A traitor like you doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform”

“Are you THE Marcus Fenix? The one who fought at Asfuel Fields?”

“Who wants toast?”

“So good, I should charge admission”


Aspho fields*


Everyone knows it is Aspho. I am referring to the voice actor pronouncing it “Asfuel” in the original game which is also heard in Ultimate Edition.

It’s a super duper inside joke so I don’t mind that you didn’t get the reference.


Oh, i might be hearing wrong i guess.

I have an inside joke too for that quote but it isn’t suitable for the forums :unamused:

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I’ve got the codes


Love that Pop!

Bring back Guardian!!!


“Private Ben Carmine Sir, Reporting for duty sir.” -Ben Carmine

“We just wiped their ■■■■■■■■ clean…I’m aware how that sounded” -JD

“Not you, you were great with all your …” -Damom Baird (the rest eludes me atm)

“Save it for the playoffs Rookie” -Cole (something like that)

“Never thought it would end like this huh? Huh Maria?” -Dom

Now actually given a quote list some of these probably wouldnt be here, this is just off the top of my head


1 quote down.Four more to go

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“Oh SHlT! Oh SHlT! Oh SHlT!” - Lizzie Carmine
“Bullets… Bullets… Bullets…” - Vermelo
Hmmm… Dear Brain of mine… 3 more idiotic quotes needed… :roll_eyes:


“Are you stupid AND blind?!” - Prescot
“Kiss my well educated a**” - Adam Fenix
“Take that you bloody clakcer!” - Sam Byrne
“BOOM!” - Locust Boomer
“Armoured Kantus!” - Literally any COG individual, it meant there was an armoured Kantus, and they were good enemies.


“Eat dirt and die. MOTHERF#%KER! Take that you B#TCH!” Clay Carmine, Gears of War 3.

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How about “Sorry about the brains” from Baird after a head shot?


“I like em crispy”

“I like em crispy on the outside”



“Go back to kindergarten, where you belong.”

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“■■■■ fahz” - Marcus

“that’s the first time someone’s excused me of optimism” -Marcus

“Reborn like a butterfl- ■■■■ it” - Kait

“Practice Practice Practice, Uncle Said To Practice!” -Lizzie

“come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough” - Fahz


Here’s three from GOW 2.

-“Welcome to the big suck Sargent Fenix. You ready to hit the road?”
-“You know it”
-“Well let’s go chunk some bullets at them grubs.”

“Humans are no strangers to war. After all, we’ve been fighting for as long as we can remember.War is all we know.”

“Marcus, I don’t know what to do man. She…”


“Please don’t let me die…again”
“They ****** my tomatoes up!”
“That was all me mother *******”
“Large and recharged”
“Oh you’ve woken the giant up now baby”

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