Top 5 Things Gears 5 needs to have

  1. More game mode customization in private matches (Free-for-all, custom loadout weapon swaps, etc.)
  2. Progression/Achievement Unlocks (Characters, weapons skins)
  3. Changes to Gear Packs:
  • No duplicate character/ weapon drops from paid gear packs (Mega Packs, Esports Packs) until all items are obtained.
  • Be transparent with the drop rates of items in Gear Packs
  • More reasonable prices on certain packs. Griffin pack for $15 is ridiculous.
  1. Explain what happened to Ayna.
  2. Change Horde Skill leveling system. RNG/Crafting progression sucks. Should rank up a skill for using it effectively. RNG drops for unlocking skills is also terrible. Should unlocks skills for a class by playing and leveling that class. PROGRESSION-BASED UNLOCKS PLEASE. RNG drops are no replacement for this. Can co-exist with it perhaps though.

Campaign 5 improves

1.more memorable moments
2. More acts and chapters or longer acts
3.ammo boxes give ammo to all weapons
4. More area to cover during campaign
5. No tedious lame boss fight like Gow 4, Gow 3, Gow J.

Multiplayer 5 improves

  1. Universal tuning
  2. More season pass content
  3. No reskins of launch maps
  4. More weapon variety
  5. No bounce cool down

Campaign#3 it was quite annoying that the damn Embar did not benefit from ammo boxes.

MP #5. Yes! Remove air glide bouncing altogether

#1 is super important to me. It would be cool if you could force “gnashers only” or “snipers only”. It’s currently such a huge chore to change the weapon spawns on the map. You should also be able to change all the spawns to one specific weapon.

Here’s my Gears 5 thoughts

  • Timeout our Active Reload until it’s missed. Please stop babysitting it.
  • Make each character a save as theme with all it’s weapon skins for quicker pick.
  • Let us use our customized character and weapon skins in the campaign.
  • Save our set Load out “Primary” weapons as 1 or 2
  • A choice to disable ribbons from popping up on screen. “If there will be any?”
  • Set list for next map to rotate to in Private Matches “Like UE has”
  • No more Team-mate stunning unless in a Private Match with friendly fire
  • Replace that weapon to all for a quicker set as when in a Private Match
  • Let us use the replace as ammo box with a set number in a Private Match
  • A choice to show our team-mates gamer tags above them in versus.
  • Have gamer cards read what mode and map a player is in, not just what mode.
  • Use one weapon tuning.
  • Have a Map Design Contest so we get new ones and rewarded.

What is air glide bouncing, youtube doesnt even show anything?

Personaly I would like to see an option to spectate friends games in progress

you forgot to add better servers the servers in gears 4 are crappy

Horde Mode:
I love horde but get frustrated with just a couple of things I hope they change in 5.
-Let us save our progress to come back another time. Can take hours to get to 50 waves and if you are playing with people from overseas its not always an option to keep playing.
-Be able to “kick/remove” a player. If someone falls asleep etc it can destroy hours of progress and you can loose everything.
-Make it more obvious (or restrict players) to what the roles are. Randoms picking up power/building is very frustrating.

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For Campaign:

  1. Way better dialogue
  2. Way better written characters
  3. A heavier focus on narrative (But do not go the Walking Simulator route. Make it something healthy in the middle. Like the new God of War for example.)
  4. Make the enemies way more menacing and memorable.
  5. Give the game the dark and grim look of Gears 1 and 2 back. Ditch this cartoony, colourful design.

For MP:

  1. NO Lootboxes!
  2. Weapons that actually do damage
  3. New, interesting maps and less remakes
  4. Universal Tuning
  5. More weapon variety
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