Top 3 remakes you want! TC please take this advice

Now we all want new maps but if we do get a handful of remakes what are your top 3? Mine are Mansion, jacinto, azura. But others I would not mind at all are River, academy, depths, subway, Ruins.

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I desire Jacinto

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All great maps…but gears 5 dont deserve any of them…lets be honest we all know gears 4 maps is whats coming…1 new map in 6 months…and a boring one at that…says it all really for me😏


1 River
2 Jacino
3 Pavilion

Aint happenn tho :joy:

I know wtf they think the 3 tile made ffa maps count as maps for regular gears versus play and to me they don’t. I do think allfathers arena is a cool map but we need more then 2 every 3 months.

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Agree on that…allfathers to me feels like training grounds…if u remove the seating…played it last night…lacks character and is one dimensional…boring for me.


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District day
Bunker dark
Icebound summer

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Dude, it’s like we’re the same person. Our taste in maps is almost identical overall. Scary :astonished:.

I’d also love to play on

  • River
  • Mausoleum
  • Rooftops
  • Trenches
  • Gold Rush
  • Allfathers garden
  • Thrashball
  • Aftermath
  • Courtyard
  • Cove
  • Day one
  • Depths
  • Fuel station
  • Grindyard

For anyone else like me with a bad memory, here’s a list of every gears of war map:


River (although it may be ruined with the current lancer meta), Mausoleum and Trenches.

Mind you, I would replace River and Azura with War Machine and Raven Down, but those have already been remade. I want something we haven’t seen since they were released in their initial game, not counting UE.


(That took a bit of time to make :joy:)

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We’ve been making these threads since Gears 4 released. Sadly TC will just keep remaking maps we dont want or didnt ask for


Ya you are correct I must say

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Tyro Station
Bullet Marsh

Day One
And Hail.

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  • 1.- Same weapon tunning of Gears 3
  • 2.- Graphics based for 6 teraflops X & 12 teraflops Scarlet. Not include XBOX fat & Slim on this remaster please
  • 3.- Massive amounts of detail on every multiplayer map running at 4k, hdr, 60 fps for scarlet and 1440p, 60 fps for X.
    *4.- Massive amount of details + animation on the characters

This game will be callled "GEARS ONLINE"

So you want only 1% of the Xbox playerbase to have access to the game.

Gotcha. :rofl:

lmao i will force you to buy a xbox-scarlet, x or pc my dude lol!

Man do not tie my hands and chain my brain. I need work with 6 teraflops mininum haha

I have an X. Won’t be getting the x series though since all of Xbox’s game will be on Gamepass for PC. I’ll be fine with my PC, PS5 and whatever Nintendo releases next gen.