Top 100 rewards

No rewards either from 88th place control doubt well get em later kind of annoying previous ops ive been out of 100 so yeah kind of bitter to not get at least one of gm gnash

Congrats on make it!!!

Do you know someone who already has the rewards? Since it may be a general failure, and not some, I have friends who reached the top 100, and none have the rewards :face_with_monocle:

I saw a twitch streamer who got the bloody gm gnasher. So they must gave it out to some chosen players.

Well I always play vs top 100 and none of them are flexing the skin…

GUYS!!! CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS! They are already delivering them, look!

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Yeah nice, got it now👍

Yea I got mine as well. Thanks coalition

Still have not received it.

Just received it, much appreciated.

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