Top 100 rewards

I haven’t gotten my grandmaster bloodied gnasher others have gotten it already i finish at 55 in ffa.

Same here. Finished 11th in ffa.

Same here. Feels bad man. :frowning_face:

I have not received the rewards either, several that I know do not have it :c

It took 5 days last operation, I would assume the same this go round. I haven’t received mine this operation either.

same. last time i got mine friday afternoon. just checked and still nothing this time around

Yep same here haven’t receive mine either

I was wondering something similar pertaining to my Master top 1000 skins. I hit sub 1000 ranked and it tells me I have skins inbound but nothing showing up?

they should pop up the next time you search for that gametype

Technically its been almist a week and still havn’t recieved mine… did you get yours already?

No, still no rewards here! But Im sure they will roll them out soon. Took some time every Season.

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Jeez I grinded PvP for ages only to be treated like chopped liver. They just don’t care about us at all. Feels really bad man.

They might need to change their approach to “Assume it’s going to break”, instead of “Assume it’s going to work”. Don’t think these reward handouts have gone over perfectly even once in Gears 5.


Well I havn’t reach out bcz I knew it took about a week last season… I rather come here instead and see who hasn’t recieve there skins yet… Yeah When I saw the post about them being rolled out … the onky thing being rolled was my eyes …

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Whooow… didnt see that tweet. Does that mean I have to contact support and wait a half year for an answer? Thats sad😢

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I clicked on that twitter link but I don’t see a support ticket, so I can finally get my bloody gnasher.

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Come on coalition can we get are skins please we all made top 100 why are you telling us to go to support when we are all owed it for making top 100. Please and thank u. ProtoMan08

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Any of you got it yet???

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No bro :c

Still no rewards after a week now. Starts to annoy me!