Top 100 Ranked Trinity Skorge

Especially not because you keep turning up to the wrong building!

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During Gears 4 one of the biggest bits of feedback I saw on the forums was to get rid of the lootboxes and have content that was earnable “for real fans”, or other variations of that same notion.

A lot of that feedback was vague in nature, people liked the idea of having rewards that showed how much of a Gears fan they were, but I don’t think many of them thought any further than that.

In reality is that a metric needs to be determined. Is it getting over a certain amount of versus kills in a period of time? Is a it reaching a specifc leaderboard rank? Is it mastering all horde maps? What should a player achieve and what threshold needs to be reached for said exclusive reward?

As soon as specifics are given, plenty of fans will give reasons why they are indeed true fans of the franchise and want the rewards, but the given metric doesn’t suit them due to not liking the mode, not having enough time etc. I see plenty of that feedback with the leaderboards.

By its very nature exclusive content will be gated from a large portion of the community.


I know, I agree 100% and have said this exact thing last week.

There’s no actual skill involved, just a severe lack of a social life.

Keep in mind, TC tends to get a lot of hate on their changes because they tend to be DRASTIC changes. Competitive is a huge change compared to the ranked system we had. It eliminated Ranks, and replaced the method of getting Rewards for it. It was unasked for and it was a big change.

It’s the same thing that happened with the Tuning change they did Mid OP5. They changed literally every weapon’s damage values, the speed and etc.

A conservative and measurable approach is more advisable. With a change of this magnitude it’s very hard to grasp what the community really wants. It’s hard to measure to see which is more successful and which will keep player retention. They tend to implement their changes based on instinct and theories without a way to test which is more successful after is implemented. And when it doesn’t work, they change it again (just like they did with the transition from Gears 4 to 5)


Like a different colored version?

There is a massive difference between content that is exclusive to a large portion of the player base because they can’t be bothered to do it, and content that is necessarily exclusive because the unlocking criteria demand that only a select few people can earn said content.

Every player has the potential to unlock skins tied to mastering horde or escape maps. Not every player can be in the top 100 of a ranked versus leaderboard. Skill is irrelevant, it’s a hard limit. If the versus reward were instead “hit a lifetime cumulative score in a ranked playlist”, that would be fine. The reward would theoretically be available to everyone even if a large portion of the playerbase decides it’s not worth their time.

TC is pretending this issue is nuisanced and the solution is vastly complicated. It isn’t. Most people want their skins to reflect achievement, but they also don’t want that achievement to be literally unobtainable due to life commitments. However, if a time-restricted exclusive skin later becomes openly available, that ticks off people who allocated the time and effort to get the skin originally.

The solution is to never, under any circumstance, have time-restricted content.

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Removing ranks was one of the worst decisions TC has made to matchmaking to date. Very unfortunate
@TC_Shauny @TC_Sera

While this statement alone should be enough to prove there is flawed logic in how TC is awarding content like the Trinity Skorge, consider it from the perspective of anyone in Australia, Brazil, or other regions with low player populations.

You could have a great player, who wants to play ranked modes, and would easily be in the top tier/top 100 if they would play as much as they would want to. But because they’re in a low player population region, they have to either wait hours for a single match, or find a friend from a higher population area to join with a high ping. They player’s skill and time in game are both thrown out of the equation. There’s simply no way for that player to even have a chance at a fair chance of earning the content.


Moving on up the ranks (something like 410 last I checked). Even beat many of the top 100 guys. However I now realize my chances of making top 100 are slim to none. Even #100 has more than twice the amount of points I do. Doesnt matter how many times I beat him in a match, I wont catch up. He could probably play like ■■■ and lose every match from here on out. I simply started too late. If you wanted top 100 you needed to get in early and stick with it. I was too busy doing pve and only started serious pvp a couple weeks ago.

Maybe get a Skorge tattoo and then flaunt it on Twitter to TC?


can imagine the tattoo would look messy lol

I invited you today🥺

Execution or Control? By time I clicked on it, it said your party was full. Sorry about that. Guess I should be faster. May not have a working mic so unsure how useful I’d be.

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Was control.

Lols no prob. I tend to send out a bunch of invites all at once. I filled up pretty quickly.