Too much Comedy is ruining Gears of War!

The first trilogy had funny moments but it was also serious enough with pretty good Characters.
In GoW 4 too much Comedy has ruined the newly introduced Characters for me.
And as seen in Introducing Fahz trailer for Gears 5 the Comedy continues.
It’s hard for me to take anything serious when you bombard me with your forced jokes all the time.


Wait, you thought Gears 4 had comedy? Man my humor must be completely different from yours then.


I didn’t laugh once,i also dont watch Comedy Movies.

Then you seem to be a very bad judge of comedy, wouldn’t you say?


If either of you don’t find this funny… I don’t think you are human… :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:


The bit about Home Depot especially.

I must be the only one who thought it wasn’t funny.

It sounds like deleted scenes jokes,as if Marcus isn’t even speaking to them.

The one and ONLY thing I found amusing was the J.D. Easter Egg when you charge through a lot of tables and chairs and he lets out a war cry.

That’s about it, the rest was cringeworthy.

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It was funny not necessarily what he was saying specifically but just the fact he was going off like that.

I’m pretty sure the whole bit about the tomatoes in the first place (not the Easter egg) was ad lib by the voice actor. This Easter egg stuff definitely wasn’t scripted. It was the actor goofing around and they decided to use it.

Couldnt disagree more, gears has always had the best kind of dark humor. Take gears 2 for example. When Dom executes Maria. Not a very funny scene on the surface, then you realize he did it with a boltok! Like jesus Dom, might as well of just curb stomped her at that point, the barrel is the size of her head! I bet that savage walked away saying “Love that pop!” as well.


Cringe,that’s the right word to describe the dialogue in Gears 4.Thank you!
It made even Nathan Drake from Uncharted a serious Character in comparison.


flat humor attempts I wish the new protagonists took their situation way more seriously


I completely agree, but not sure “humour” is the right word for it.
I was constantly trying to be immersed in the G4 campaign, but the shocking dialogue consistently pulled me out of it. It was unbelievable how disconnected it was from the actual scenarios that were playing out. When parents, family members and friends we’re being killed or taken hostage, or horrific environments were being explored almost every piece of dialogue was a cringe worthy joke, or some kind of locker-room banter between the characters. It just didn’t work at all.
Multiplayer was better but I still can’t play as any of the three “new” characters as the stuff they come out with is simply ridiculous.
JD is just about standable, Del does my head in and every time I start a match with Kait on my team she seems to make some dumb remark about how pointless and uninteresting this next match is going to be, talk about a buzz kill!
Even Baird annoyed the hell out of me in this game, he’s basically become that “funny” (annoying) character archetype.


Totally agree. The remarks were akin to a bad sitcom on the Disney channel. I only played the G4 campaign for the black phantoms.

Hoping G5 campaign is a little less juvenile as I’m actually kind of interested in playing it.

Why does poeple disagree with this guy? He gets all the point!
Look , I’m not against funny jokes , they must find a place somewhere.
But too much of 'em … it kills the immersion.
The characters basically risk their life at any moment , cut their way though the swarm with some extreme violence , struggle to find a shelter during windflares , and … and then they just walk away like it was nothing.
It shouldn’t work like that.
Dialogues should be deeper and sadder , their very behavior should be full of rage and depression.
That’s why I liked the original Gears 5 reveal trailer.
JD actually looked like a war veteran , Kait was damn depressed , even Del was serious.
This is the ‘‘OF WAR’’ of Gears.
Remember Tai? You could feel that guy’s pain just by looking into his eyes.
Remember Barrick? His voice was savage!
I really hope for the better for 5’s Campaign , give us some insane Kait freakout and I’ll eventually change my mind.


Also 1 thing i forgot to say was the lines new Characters spoke when picking ammo,reloading,etc.
Like:“Nice”,“Mine Now”,etc.They were repeating exact words Delta Squad used to say.
I don’t know if that was supposed to be funny or what not,but it made me sick.

It’s not the fact that it has “too much” comedy, it’s just poorly written and badly paced. I laugh most of the way through Gears 1, especially with lines like “Plan? What plan? You don’t have a plan. Hmm, Plan.” and a casual “Sup Ladies.” Gears 1-J had some pretty funny moments, but they were all written to fit the characters and fit the pacing. Del and JD stopping to have a Rock Paper Scissors match, ruins the pacing–and it was kinda a lame joke that came out of nowhere, like how Oscar goes right from rude when JD calls him hungover, then he’s more docile, then he’s laughing when he shoots a DB. It’s just not consistent, whereas Gears 1 characters kept one tone throughout the games. I’ll use Baird as an example.

Gears 1 -2 Baird: He’s very much a pessimist, always doubting plans and giving a lot of offhand comments about how he thinks things might go sour, because he’s a realist. Like the “plan” comment I mentioned. He’s also an a-hole. He’s constantly rude to Marcus and Dom, and stays that way while also putting out some cheeky one-liners.
Gears 3 Baird: Pretty much the same, but in Gears 3 with the character shift, he’s just sort of rude to everyone, Sam, the Stranded, etc, and he’s a bit more on the “we’re all gonna die,” side instead of the not-quite paranoid, but worried comments he would make before. It’s different, but it is consistent.

Gears 4 Del: In Gears 4 we see Del go from asking JD to a rock paper scissors contest right after a fight, to questioning if they should be doing what they’re doing after already being in a situation for a couple hours. A massive change in tone in very little time. Plus, most of the jokes just aren’t delivered, or written well like they were before. So it either sounds bad or weird. It disconnects and makes Del and JD feel like characters. Not fully fledged characters that are also people, just characters. Stereotypes that are far from unique like the original cast.

It’s not an issue of “too much comedy!” it’s and issue of Badly Written Comedy.

I hope you enjoyed my TED Talk.


Gears 3 was already more light-hearted than Gears 1 and 2, but it was still pretty serious, most of the time. Actually, only Act 1 was pretty light-hearted. Gears 4 was too much attempts at humour. I think JDs, Kaits and Dels reactions to the situation they found themselves in, were just not realistic, in my opinion. I really doubt that some young adults who meet monsters for the first time in their life, would show only such a low reaction to it.
I know, they are not alien to the existence of monsters, they live in a post-locust / Lambent world, but honestly, when you meet a bear in real life, you will most likely not react with joking and humour.

The big issue with humor is that it’s very local. There’s no universal humor. That’s why it’s cringy to add humor to games.