Too many fast modes

I appreciated the fact that they only left four ranked modes, so matchmaking is even faster. However, I must point out that free for all matchmaking is very slow and I think the main problem is the presence of free for all on the Fast Playlist and the fact that there are too many modes in that Playlist.
Do you also think the coalition should drastically decrease the number of fast modes, especially free for all?

The issue with FFA is that it released in Operation 2 on the 11th of December. However everyone wanted it to be in ranked and it’s taken 8 months for TC to do this, the hype around the game type has died down a lot.

Also like you stated you can search FFA in casual instead of just ranked, further decreasing the game types population for ranked. We don’t need 2 different playlists for the exact same mode.

On top of that they still haven’t made the necessary changes to FFA by lowering the number of players from 14 to 10, making it easier to find a game as less players are required.

They also need to make FFA playable on the standard maps which would make the game type more appealing to people as Escape tiles are unbelievably boring to play on.

There’s a lot of issues with the current implementation of FFA which is a shame because i really enjoy FFA.

I was very surprised to see the introduction of FFA into ranked, but with a whopping ZERO additions to the map rotation. That’s ridiculous… :confused:

I think they should add Pahanu to FFA, it might be big enough for FFA