Too Many Characters For Arcade

I know that The Coalition got rid of Arcade to fix a few bugs or because there were a lot of complaints about the gametype. However, recently I came to believe that there are just to many characters and not enough abilities. I mean there are a couple of characters who have the same abilities as each other. What do you think? Do you think The Coalition got rid of Arcade so that they can think up of more abilities for new characters?

Nope, I very much doubt it. The fixes relate to other things like players being unable to load into the game and other bugs like that.

The reason several characters have the same abilities, is because they’re remnants of the old Hero-Villain system which TC decided to abandon sometime toward the end of Operation 3 (or thenabouts). Back then, each character would be a Hero/Villain with their own unique skills. However this wasn’t that popular and it also slowed down TC’s ability to crank out new Heroes/Villains as this system crossed over with PVE modes. At the time they were limited to 4 per Operation (2 COG; and 2 for Locust/Swarm).

Since they abandoned this concept, they’ve been able to release characters much more quickly and frequently, but they now just copy-paste Arcade abilities from existing characters to keep the whole thing quick and streamlined. I don’t think Arcade is that popular so I can’t see TC putting any extra effort into it with new Arcade Hero/Villian skills.

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