Tone down the bots

Bots in social are OP. They don’t miss a shot. They take all the weapons. They ruin the social experience


They are waaaay too grabby on the power weapons. But, the are not hard to kill. They are really really stupid and will stand still while getting lancered.


In Gnasher 2v2 they were godly, but anything else they’re pretty tame.

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All I know is - them some
Chain sawing mofo’s lol. You miss a gnasher shot your getting turned into bits lol


Yeah but in king of the hill a or any game mode, if there is only one bot you don’t have time to lancer because you get shotgun in the back. You can’t tell who the bots are in shotgun battles and they are momentem killers

I agree, it does throw a person off. The problem is, their programming is so weak that if you take away accuracy, they have nothing and you you certainly don’t want them on your team.

Insane level bots are great practice though when it comes to cover mechanics. If you slip up in any way, you’re dead. And, sometimes you’re dead anyway.
The ones in social are just normal bots and you can get away with a lot of things if you know how they work. For instance, you can circle them and there is a glitch that keeps them from shooting. If you get swarmed, drop just one and the others will stop everything just to pick that one up.

How will you learn when your going to play ranked? Unless your never going to play ranked then the bots can be toned down.

Yeah, man, they sure do love their chainsaws.

I play ranked and the some of the players in ranked aren’t as good as the bots.

This goes to show that ranked shoukd be locked by default and unlocked by winning X amount of social matches.

At least then it would teach them how to play a bit better.

Not a fan of them lancering from across the map. Grab power weapons to much too in comp warmup

Even when I don’t miss, they sponge it and insta-saw me. They have no rev-up delay.

Don’t forget the mantle kicks that do not affect them in the least. Kick right through them and get chainsawed once I land on the other side.

Yup exactly. I love when they jump over a barrier at you and are already chainsawing away at you before you can even counter.

You miss one shot with a gnasher and your done lol

Gears 2 social bots are beasts. These social bots are nothing.

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This on so many levels. If a bot picked up a longshot in gears 2 you better find some terrific cover because they would hit your dome on the first shot 99% of the time if they had any chance of hitting you.

Outside of the impossible accuracy, the bots were honestly just as dumb as they are now. It was just way more noticeable they could be lethal back then because everyone had a crap connection to hosts and shooting at someone didn’t mean a bullet would come out of your gun to stop a bot from ruining your day.

Or play Ranked and get suspended yourself.

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sounds like half the laggy sponges playing ranked :rofl:

I remember gears 2 bots. They were godly. I’ve seen them wipe entire teams on war zone and execution

Agreed. They are programmed to run straight towards power weapons. It’s really annoying trying to trade with them sometimes too. They end up getting you killed because they won’t stand still.

I hate bots please tc remove bots in gears 4 and gears 5