Tomorrow's featured skins have been available the entire time

We’re getting Onyx Guard Vermelo and Casan in the featured section. Remember how TC was made aware of the Black Phantom outrage? I feel like we should demand for different skins in the featured section, since we can literally obtain these already.

If this gets merged, I know they’re seeing this.

The skins as seen from the store right now:

Tomorrow’s featured skins:

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I don’t even understand why the featured section had at least 2 different weeks with the same contant as before. Is Workout Fahz that popular?

Why not go the extra mile and bring back Johnny then as well?

They aren’t even on a discount. if they were, then I would be sorta Ok with this. And TC just sent me PM about making a post talking about this, so I know they see it.

They even responded to it already, way before this thread was made as well.

This just ain’t right, this Shows TC is just lazy.

TC unlisted my post. I guess They want to keep the people who pay attention quiet. Anyone with a brain will know about this.

They don’t want multiple threads on the same topic. Especially not for such a trivial thing. Featured section is disappointing, boo hoo, like that’s anything new.

Did they really think that people wouldn’t notice this?

Are you dense?

Sera responded 4 (FOUR) hours ago.