Tomb is amazing but make it show up more

What’s the point in putting 1 map and it never shows up. Been playing for 2 hours and got it once. It’s 1 map after all in a pool with like 25 maps. It’s a really great map but make it show up more. It should show up 100 percent of the time as atleast a voting option for a solid week then mix it in like normal.


Yeah because screw blood drive


Yeah they should really have it pop up more frequently for say a week then have it in rotation as normal,

Always nice to test out and get used to brand new maps

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Almost 3 hours , never found it.
Well done as always

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This is certainly a recurring issue every time there’s a new map. It was almost 3 weeks after its release before I played Pahanu for the first time.

Remember back in the day, when games would make playlist around new maps?


I wonder if there are any easter eggs on Tomb or references to say the least.

The Undertaker is in the COG tomb


would be epic if his theme played when he rises out.

I just played for an hour and 1/2 and got it 4 times. Just lucky I guess.

I’d happily have Gridlock swapped out for the new map and I’ve not even played it yet!:joy:

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There’s an area that plays the Game Over theme from Gears 1.

That’s cool! I just played my first game on tomb. I like it, feels pretty gears 1 to me.

Fantastic map played an execution on it then a custom mess around

Very well made

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…and checkout

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its a solid exe map and has some gears 1 vibes to it. i love it dearly. def a fan favorite of mine and ive only played it once.

checkout is gaining that reputation with me tbh, i think its a solid map but I hope it isnt making a return in 6.

if TC insists on bringing back the same 4 maps every gears game the very least they can do is change the aesthetic of the maps. it makes it at least feel different.

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I’ve been playing all day and haven’t seen it come up not even once. Is the map tied to a particular game type?

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Nope it’s in everything lol

It’s a joke. Played for 6 hours today and only
got it once. They expect this to work. TC doesn’t use there heads at all. It should be 100 percent a choice to pick every game for a week atleast


We already lost Arcade. Why didn’t they replace it with 24/7 Tomb Exe?