Token Issues for New Characters

Is anyone else having issues with the Tokens on Gears 5?

Bought the RAAM token for 100 scrap - went and completed a Horde game with my wife online with us playing split screen - no progression on the wretched challenge log.

However, it did add progression to the COG Gear challenge - which I have not bought!!! have also had progression for the DeeBee and Warden tokens although I haven’t got these either.

Also, I random dropped an expression for the COG Gear character - which is constantly showing as a new item notification, but I don’t own the character to turn off the notification.

I love Gears - I actually really enjoyed playing GoW4 when it when onto Games with Gold, but Gears 5 has to be the buggiest, most slapdash game of the series so far.

GoW2 still holds that crown bud.

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Possibly - I may have the Rose tinted specs on. However, GoW2 had a more fun campaign. Gears 5 (I hate that they dropped the (of War) just doesn’t have the same level of interest in the characters. I want to play as Baird or Sam. Kait is fun but the supporting cast is just dull.


GoW2 I was able to play the entire campaign the day it released without crashing or failing to track achievements. The multi I didn’t touch until after it was fixed so I luckily skipped that part.

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I agree with the both of you. Campaign was miles better than Gears5’s campaign and the cast of characters were a lot better than what we have now.

But not only did the MP in GoW2 have a ton of server side issues, it had a crap ton of other things going on like ragdoll/smoke affect, glitching through walls using the shield, rolling being faster than roadie running, insane stopping power, etc… And it took Epic over 1yr to fix their MP and even then a lot of issues persisted but they had already moved on and focused on making 3.

EDIT: Oh and of course this is not me defending 5 at all. The broken mess is a joke, but it released infinitely better than 2 did.

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The thing is that I’m not much for the versus - I’ve always loved the Horde mode and since that started with GoW2 it’s always held a soft spot. If I want versus I play Destiny, unless I happen to be grinding for bleeding stars. Three stars off Major II but will it let me play on the Vasgar map… Will it hell!

I’m actually just now having issues with the COG Gear Token just getting ONE FINAL ASSIST… ugh! The Versus round isn’t too long now that Pumpkin is on, but it’s been misleading because it must be WIN 13 matches as opposed to playing 13 matches. It’s helped stack up the 40 round challenge, mind you in just 6 games.



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Yes, Totem. No worries. See, even I’m glitching… :laughing:

The way the new characters are unlocked are stupid, and lazy. T.C can seriously do a better job. The limited character roster is so half @@@ed. If people don’t purchase the special edition. They have even less characters. If they didnt do the Gears 4 challenges. They are limited even more. They need to bring back the fan favorites. They should fo a poll of every Gears character that has been in previous games. The more popular they are. Make them harder to get. But do it by playing the game. Make mini challenges. For example. Onyx guard. Play every game type 100 to 500 times. Must get 25,000 kills. 5000 revives, get MVP 400 times. Stuff like that. Cog medic. 2000 revives. For different color armor. Do additional challenges. Same for weapon skins. For executions. 2 different sets. One for kills. One for actual executions. Make them extremely brutal for the more bad@@@ ones. Make it so you have to get like 50,000 plus kills or something. This iron weekly stuff just ruins the game. For specific special skins armor taunts etc. Make specific schedule events when you have to play for a month. And make them exclusive. By changing it up this way. It would bring more people on. Gears 3 was a step in the right direction for unlocks. This really feels like a E.A move. And last I can seriously think of 5 different execution moves for each weapon in the game. Some eh. Some brutal as hell. And they seriously need to bring back the arm rip for Swarm/Locust. To one up on it. Have them do a double arm rip. If 2 players are near a down Cog player. Have both have the ability to rip both arms off to beat the crap out of them. Or have 1 swarm have the ability to rip both off. For even more brutal executions. Have the Swarm have the ability to rip the legs off and start beating them. I can think of 3 additional executions at this point as well. Seriously I can give a detail list for executions. Also you gotta bring back the classic curb stomps. I hate how you have to switch out your long execution for the curb stomps. If enough people on this thread want to hear a detailed list of additional executions. I’m more than happy to make one. For bonus xp for the team plus special unique taunts. Have each team play as a specific unit. For example. Cog team. Xp bonus good old delta squad. Marcus Dom Cole Baird. Swarm Raam with Theron guards. By doing this you can add additional unlocks for armor weapon skins taunts execution moves etc. In game challenges are much more rewarding vs what’s going on right now. Let’s see if they take this under advisement.

To make matters worse there’s bugs for the new characters. The cog class in horde is missing perks. They say “unlocked at this lvl” but despite being well past that point they are still blocked off to me.

I just unlocked the Theron guard, but he’s still behind a lock screen at 100%, like WTF?

Restart your console?

Gonna restart the game instead, as it’s a server based game @Bleeding_Pepper

Yep, just had to restart gears 5… wow, what a bug.