Toggle Health & Stim Bar

I think it would be pretty cool to have an option to toggle the teams health bar always on instead of having to tac-com to see it. With that addition adding a Stim bar below the Health Bars aswell to get a better understanding of how much/fast your stim situation is.

It’s nothing super serious but I’d like to know what you guys think. I can already tell some might not like this because the health bars would get in the way but its not a manual option, just something you could turn on

So it appears your Left side or Right Side blocking your Version?

I think using Tac-Com is the characteristic of Gears Series, and also a Skill to use it more often.

Personally, I want to have Stim Bar in the Tac-Com more than everything appears outside the Tac-Com.

This opinion leads players to adjust the Size of Health Bar & Teammates, which TC would need to work for 2 Options. To reduce their Workload, adding a Stim Bar/Length of its Capacity in Tac-Com is the Fastest Way to do it.

It would look something like this maybe? poor paint edit
the health bar is in the same place it always is you just don’t have to use tac-com to see it. Personally I never use the tac-com to check health because it prevents me from firing.

Trust me I am someone who always has their finger on the tac-com button. I like to know everything that’s going on with my teammates at all times if I can help it.

Only issue is when Stim Capacity kicks in for certain classes the values change obviously.


I like this.

But it’s impossible to have stim without having maximum health anyway, so they could surely just use the same bar but maybe colour it differently to indicate stim…?


I’ve thought about something similar to this but with a shield bar for the sentinels/guardians so you know how much damage needs to be done before the shield will be down.

This is necessary. It needs to be default since it’s really useful in pve and there’s no sense in “use tac com to see team health bars” it’s so annoying because you can’t shot and sometimes there’s someone downed but nobody realizes when the revive sign fails to appear and this isn’t hard to implement, besides it looks good and we dont know how stim works after +1 year since launch, the cards say hp, %, or just the amount of stim but the player health/stim value isn’t stated anywhere

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They should also make the HP bar red when near death and have the border flash red when DBNO.