Today's Update?

So today there was an update of 700+ MB, are there any patch notes available?


@GhostofDelta2 my friend ghost do you happen to know any info on this ? :slight_smile:

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No notes out for this update as of yet.

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Thanks Danieel and Amicable :slight_smile:

I couudln’t find anything either @AmicableWall421

571.53 MB on the One X.

To me that’s fairly substantial without an explanation.

They obviously changed something.


agreed. hope we get some info soo. the news has been dead lately


This is the affect I feel of not having a CM anymore.


Even when we had Octus there were updates where notes were only released days after the update. Or simply never appeared.

Sadly not. Last time it took TC two days to post a very limitee and incomplete set of patch notes. I am hoping they can either improve on the time to post the notes or the completeness of it, and if fate smiles upon us, both.


Thanks @GhostofDelta2 for the reply most kind :slight_smile:

Watching the stream on replay and Dana mentioned drop rates for cards will be changed “in next weeks update”. Whats up also talked about an update next week,

I wonder if TC got their wires crossed and that update came out today.

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The What’s Up talks of the Gridiron weapon spawn changes which apparently was today’s update, as well as ones coming next week. So I don’t think there’s any confusion about them at TC.

The weapon swaps never required a TU previously.

It would also be a massive update if that is only what was changed.

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I’m just going off of what TC says and have not seen any change to the skill drop rates. Never excluded the possibility of yet more stealth changes.

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The problem is that we really have little to go off.

TC needs to majorly step up their game here.


Patch notes should be released with the updates… either show up on the main screen when you load in after an update or on there social platforms. To me it seems nothing what so ever has been changed.

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The only thing they would cop to today when asked about it was the weapon swaps in gridiron. There obviously more than that in there. Dana hinted on stream that something fairly significant is appearing next week, so the update probably contains some of that. Maybe there’s some talented PC players skilled in data mining that can find some clues.

There is one bloke saying that a hijacked enemy in horde that trades it’s weapons to another human player no longer has the ridiculous buffs applied, so that maybe a stealth nerf.

Nothing obvious has popped out to me yet.

571mb update today, but nothing in the news feed. Anyone have any info on what it is?