Today's update - March 24, 2021

So TU 13.0.1 is suppose to be out today at 10 AM PDT and it seems to be 30 mins late according to my time. Is it going to happen while I’m in a match and kick everyone?

I got mine around 10am on the dot. They must be rolling it out. It seems to be making matchmaking take an extra long time. Probably can’t be matched with those who haven’t updated yet.

Thanks. Good to know.

So does anyone know what’s in the update?

Just eSports related trash apparently, something with some audio issues


Sound fixes in Escalation.

And an unannounced Enforcer Skin.

(And whatever else they may have thrown in secretly)

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That’s a tour-skin that didn’t get awarded properly.

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You see… the game is so utterly broken that nobody cares about the Enforcer weapon… no other weapon than the gnasher matter anymore in this game…

This makes me sad.


The enforcer is a beast in arcade.
But apparently no one on the forums play that mode besides me :rofl:


I didn’t know sound issues existed in Escalation because I can never seem to find a match.


wait, escalation is in 5 still?

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They gonna fix young Hoffman ?


You mean bald sweaty marcus?


I just played a KOTH, We all know how Gears 5 servers are great! Both teams had good ping but players are getting killed by standing back to back, guns are facing the ground, sliding a long ways and getting killed with no gnasher going off. Then all of a sudden over the bloodspray screen the opponent is over you.

Far as I remember it is currently limited to private/custom matches, but yeah, it’s still in. Of course what used to be the posterchild mode of eSports in Gears 4 - I have absolutely no idea if it still is, I stopped caring for the skins on streams which was the only reason I’d even tune in on those - gets updates.

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I dont miss it but I was wondering it went. Interesting game type but its just not my cup of tea.

Locust Drone with a Enforcer can really pack a punch.

Yeah, lets start posting all the things they took AWAY from PvE players…

BTW my usually 925Mbps connection is downloading the update at 9Mbps… Great server infrastructure, Microsoft

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Not sure if this is part of the patch or a live service change.

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Been having glitches since update , takes long to find any match since update