Today's dev stream: Aim-assist never going away? Overrun confirmed?

On today’s stream, they were talking about aim-assist and they once again brought up how it is fundamental to console shooters and how Halo introduced it and such. Why do they keep giving that type of explanation? We want it reduced, not completely turned off. Why not just have it the way it was in 4 or UE or 3…

The thing is that there is confusion since lots of people scream at them to turn it off. C’mon, how hard is it to understand that they just mean to reduce it? They as the developers should know better and stop giving that same pointless response.

Then they talk about the toggle option that will be coming soon. How soon? Soon aka who knows.

Why would anyone turn it off, right? Just use it and take the advantage, right?


Ryan Cleven, the multiplayer design director, said that in the future he would like to implement a ranking bonus to those who voluntarily turn the aim-assist option off.

So it will never get nerfed? It will always be the new divider of core/comp? It won’t get reduced anywhere? I’m surprised they are jumping to nerfs and balances before touching the aim-assist. That is beyond wild to me.

Overrun confirmed?

This is a bit silly and ridiculous but when the guys were joking around about the content for operation 2, Ryan Cleven said something like, “Well can I do it with my hands?”

He then proceeded to use his hands to make kinda like an over the wall gesture and then his two fingers running.

Also, in one of the pre-launch trailers the word overrun was used. Obviously not referring to the mode but still noticeable since that is the name of the famous Gears J game mode.

I don’t know. Did anyone else catch that? I’m I tripping?


People should be advocating for the competitive aiming in non core modes, not turning aim assist itself off.


I actually liked overrun. Hopefully that happens.



It’s annoying that they keep twisting it to sound like we’re asking for it to be turned off.

We just want it like it was in gears 4 ffs


To be fair, a huge number of people who don’t understand the discussion are demanding that aim assist be turned off completely. Most of the criticism on this issue are statements like “OMG TC stop trying to cater to NOOBS and turn deh auto aim OFFF!” Then when you try to explain to people about how it’s not auto aim, and that aim assist has been in every other GOW (albeit to lesser degrees), you get shouted down and accused of being a shill.


Agreed, but the problem is that people who know what they’re talking about are TC too. They just keep dancing around the issue.

They’re not stupid, this is intentional diversion tactics that allows them to put off answering the real question week in, week out.

They don’t want the game to get harder for people who are getting kills they shouldn’t be, due to the game helping them out more so than in any other gears game in history


aim assist in console games is needed if it wasnt present so many players would be wiffing shots all day but with the strength of aim assist and bullet magnetism it becomes broken. you should not be rewarded with a one shot kill when only half of your crosshair is on the target. they just need to find the balance where it works but doesnt baby the player to getting easy kills

He knows that. He was just stating how people are using the wrong terminology to ask for it to be removed, when in reality it will never be removed, because aim assist is in every game like you said.

As we all know, the problem is that it’s too strong, far stronger than any other gears game.

It almost reaches "auto aim* levels, that’s how strong it is. Probably part of the reason that the less technically inclined people are thinking the aim assist is actually auto aim.

So those people are asking the same thing as we are, just in the wrong way.

But TC is playing dumb and pretending they don’t know the real thing people are asking for


What makes me laugh is that they are soooo adamant that it can’t be turned down or off. ALL console shooters blah, blah, blah.
He does know pubg exists right? That game with NO AIM ASSIST.
I can hit my shots fine in that, I’m sure I could hit my shots with it turned down or off on gears too.


So what’s does everyone think they’re hinting at with the hand gestures??

The more I play the more I feel most complaints are tied to the netcode which is awful for hit detection and the input delays. It’s not a matter of missing it’s a matter of it takes forever to switch weapons, shoot coming out of roadie run or a roll, shoot around corners ect. or you do hit and it winds up on the wall directly behind them after they one shot you. Or you pull your trigger and a shot never comes out. It’s the code that is the problem more so than anything. They need to go back and take a good look because something there is wonky.


All those “lancer is OP whiners” do not know that the real problem is Gears 5 aim assist… But the lancer will get nerfed anyway which does NOT erase the main problem,

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“We are going to go back to gears 4 and 3 and the older games to compare the aim assist, but we don’t think we got it wrong.”

“we will add a bonus if you voluntarily decide to turn off aim assist.”

“we have no more core and comp…but comp will not have aim assist.”

“still no plans to nerf the aim assist”

“we might make aim assist off the default option”



Indeed. Quite a lot of contradicting themselves there

If they want to bend over for non skilled players they should have the option turn it on or off in unranked so they can practice with it off. So they can play ranked mode were it will be turned off automatically.


Video. How Gears 5 reduced the skill gap

A better video here:

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They’re following a trend in amping up aim assist because it creates a more level playing field and empowers lower skill level players. They won’t tell you that, but it’s the root of it.

I understand where they’re coming from because Gears 4 was a game with an incredible skill gap. But, they should have done this for Arcade. Not forced it on the loyal player base who generally doesn’t want it.


But isn’t a level playing field with the deciding factor of skill the idea of competitive arena shooters such as Halo, Turok, and Gears of War? This is why they are fundamentally wrong and I refuse to play the game.

People won’t tell you because perhaps they don’t know but Gears 4 did have an incredible skill gap. Lot of people thought it was just broken due to the 83% but they never got to the advanced level of movement, timing shots, and hitting shots.

I was happy to hear about arcade for this very reason, that it would be a place for all this experiments. Go ahead and put a high aim assist in arcade along with no gnasher loadout and slowed movement but don’t let it spill over to the game.

They tried to get a piece of the Fortnite pie since Gears is also a third person shooter with a shotgun as the main kill weapon but they for whatever reason ignored or maybe they just don’t understand that Fortnite has a balance of accessibility and skill.

Without the skill gap, people would NOT be addicted to Fortnite. A skill gap hooks players into trying to get better. Just look at all the old videos for controller settings and wallbouncing in Gears. Similar to what you see for Fortnite settings and improved building.

Gears can’t and will NEVER survive in that type of environment. Once again the franchise has tripped over the same rock. Once again trying to be something they are not.

What they have done here is a disgrace to Gears.

P.S. The community and game would be so much better with more people like you.


Personally, I spent hundreds of hours on Gears 4 BECAUSE of the skill gap. Because I wanted to be able to hang with anyone. The journey was awesome. I’ve got clips of outplays on some of the best players in the game and I’m really proud of those moments.

When I play a game where any player can drop me because the game locks on the target for them, it completely disinterests me. That’s not competitive, IMO. That doesn’t give me pride.