Today store weapons are matte black!

So today’s daily store item is 5 matte black weapons for 5 bucks and they look really awesome. Best weapons seen so far. My questions it doesn’t have the Gnasher or lancer will those come tomorrow to complete the set?

Surely they will appear, but when is anyone’s guess.

Kind of weird the way these games work. We get all excited whenever skins come out that are black or gunmetal gray, the actual color of guns.

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Lol ya but if they are selling weapon skins for 5 or 10 bucks they should atleast give the whole set not just 5 weapons. Not cool

That’s because a I would think a smaller percentage of people like weapon and character skins that looks like a skittle orgy is happening :wink:

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Thought the matte black skins were pretty lazy. Woopty doo! They made a couple guns black…