Today I played Gears of War 1 in 2019 and wanted to showcase the Veterans

I feel nobody has gone back in time and shown of the leaderboards to the people that played every day and night for years on end. We grew grass roots Gears of War and there was a lot of love in this game.

This technically isn’t about Gears 5 but I wanted to ask you this. I played Gears of War in 2019… Almost 14 Years later, 130 people had played a ranked match and I was able to play a fully lobby for 10 games before I headed offline. Can you imagine 130 people playing Ranked Execution in Gears 5, 13 years later? Do you think that will happen?

I don’t want this to appear as advertising my video but I looked everywhere online and I couldn’t find a video of the old character / menu and the leaderboards, so I decided to film it and chat about the top 100, my friends and the game I loved.


Nice post.

Even gears 1s leaderboard system is better than gears 5 lol.


I can guarantee 130 people wont be playing ranked execution in gears 5 in 13 weeks LOL not 13 years


I don’t think gamers will be playing ranked in execution in gears 5 in 13 yrs time sadly.

Really wish I could keep getting those achievements over and over again on the same tag

I remember a few of those names, played them in most gears games. I think the last time i came across steeloak was gears 4.

Such a. Shame. Gears 5 shares almost no resemblance to gears 1.

Epic tried to create a masterpiece. TC just tries to learn as they go. Such a shame. Gears 1+2 are my favourites.

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I took this in 2008, using a Sony Ericsson K800i. One of my gamertag names back then was Immortality.

19 seconds in and my team mates are dead, what happens next…



This was one hell of a memory trip, thanks man. I still remember a lot of those names and my experience was the same as yours. I even got 1st on weekly rankings a few times because I would be binge playing right when the leaderboards refreshed.

I’m glad it could be of use to someone and bring back some memories. I’ve done a few videos including a 1 hour GoW1 trip down memory lane video and have another balance style video coming up, have a look round my channel you might see some more memorable things

It’s crazy too, but your point about the era is spot on. I was just loving this game and gaming in general while starting high school with all my friends. Made tons of friends playing the game and the voice chat was great. Now, 13 years later, I’m a working adult who couldn’t feasibly go back to this. I got less free time and it needs to be on the newest, most accessible game or nothing.

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Achievements was better in orginal too get 100kills with each weapon in ranked only

I chat about the Era here, it should link to a time.

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Gears 1 was great but playing it now feels bad. Not very responsive and delay everywhere. Now in 2006 it was a masterpiece but today nah. Like I have said before it’s the nostalgia that gets people. Gears 5 does need work for sure but if you guys hate it so much going on a month now then why are you still here talking crap everyday. Either move on and go play something else or you really have nothing better to do.

Great post and brings back a lot of memories. Definitely remember a lot of those names from the top leaderboards. I think i got to around top 8000 in warzone. reminds of much simpler times and so much more fun had playing games. gears 1 was something special

spot on, same age/situation. such nostalgia looking back

Hey there Z i i :wink:
Played Gears of War 1 like 2 weeks ago. Was so sad about state of Gears 5 that I had to check out how far have we went away from 2006. Took me some time to get used to (let’s be honest) extremely different , sticky movement and lag.
After adjusting though I had more fun then in 5 by a mile. It’s really nostalgic experience to get back to the game you spent so much time with. Extremely sad too, to see it almost dead.
In comparison technically Gears 5 is better in almost every way possible and we are living in an amazing times (especially since we got to experience that progress) but when it comes to pure enjoyment from the game Gears 5 is an empty shell with checkout (unfortunatelly only figuratively) at entrance.
It’s like playing free to play game with simplified core gameplay and mechanics, small amount of weird skins, grindy award systems, small amount of maps and even smaller amount of good maps etc.
It’s sad to see your favorite game to became something so much different and with questionable business decisions but maybe it’s time to move on and be happy that at least some people are still enjoying Gears.
Silly to be so sentimental about a game but I will always remember Raven Down 19 and 20h sessions full of awesome people.
Delta out!


If only gears ue still had a population on pc :sob:

It’s impossible to even find a game

Venus was definitely a girl. Played with her a lot.

OG leaderboards were always Bird Flu, the WatchMe clan, Serious Alpha, Black Chariot… etc.

GreenJediJames was #1 for the longest time. I ran into him around 2008 some time and played with him quite a bit. Even though I was in the US and he was in the UK, it didn’t really matter. Connections leveled out.

I Retire Gamers, I believe he was #4 or 5 on that list, I actually played with him and several others on the top 100 quite a bit. We all had spots on there. He is actually really good at the game… but for some reason decided to do the glitch to mess with the leaderboards… no clue why he did that.

The weekly boards were where it was at. A friend of mine and I held the #1 spot back and forth for about 4 months straight. Had nothing better to do.

Low Key was really good as well. I still talk to over half of that leaderboard. That’s crazy.

Makes me want to play again. Maybe I’ll boot it up this weekend. Anyway, good post.