Today I lost hope in TC and gears 5 (let me share my daily experience)

Today I played as usual with friends. Let me share our usual experience, this is normal to us, every day we play since launch.

Let’s play TMD social!!.
Lag is disgusting even with 40 ms ping. Only thing that works consistently is sniper and lancer, last one is going to be nerfed because 90% of players only use Gnasher and if you use lancer you are a noob or you get criticized in game.
Ok, lets choose maps. Same maps, nothing new, wait!!! pahanu is a new map!!! hahhah is a joke, no one plays that…
OK, so lets play the same map again… exhibit? ok ok vote that.
Match started. We are winning. Players quit in the middle of the round when they are losing. Some others are just going AFK. We ended up killing bots which is absolutely boring. This happens 90% of the time in social. People do not want to lose so they leave.
Guys this is boring, tired of killing bots (AI awful). Ok then lets play Gridirion social.
Again. Everyone quit before battle ends, when someone joins we play 4 vs 5 until next round (or 3 v 5 if 2 players join, and so on). Another new bug implemented. We finish almost every match against 5 bots.
Ok, boring again, then lets play Gridirion ranked.
Gridirion ranked is dead in SA server… no matches found after wasting 20 minutes waiting. And yes, we wait because that estimated counter doesnt work for us and TC doesnt shows the number of players actively playing that mode. The only way is trying and wasting our time.
Ok, so let’s play TMD ranked. The only thing that is populated.
While waiting in matchmaking - So guys the other day I was … Hello?? are you hearing me?
Microsoft party got disconnected. Servers are experiencing issues. As usual. EVERY WEEK. This is not a local issue, got confirmed with the server status.
After 15 minutes we could join again to the party and speak with each other. Even when I see my friends disconnected in party we were speaking again.
Ok so let’s make the squad so we can play!
Social services in Gears are down, now we cant join any Squad and I dont see my mates in game… after trying 10 minutes we could join again.
Ok, so after 1 hour of bad experiences let’s play TMD ranked!!!.
We finally found a match! WITH 40 MS PING!! OMG OMG this is working! LETS DO EEET!!!
3 Gnasher shoots from behind to someone that was moving but I did 30% damage (he had 1 ms ping), he turns back to me and got one shooted at the same distance I did my 3 shots. And no, my aim was ok but the pellets just didnt hit because GEARS BUGS, thats why. I could record that!! but waiiiit, I cant because in the latest patch THE GAME CRASHES IF I OPEN NVIDIA IN GAME OVERLAY TO RECORD BECAUSE IT’S AND OVERLAY. Another bug!!! yay!
Ok, so I cant record now. Let’s keep going.
Another Gnasher inconsistency, and another, and another, and another. This happens always with moving targets (no aim failure here), This happens to me and my 2 friends, and as I see in the forums to everyone… we start to get angry at this point. Our internet connection is great (optic fiber, 200mb download/30 up, 1ms to IPS server), and let me tell you this doesnt happen with other games even with more ping to the game servers.
Ok let’s calm down, keep going.
Then, I tried to run but I get stuck without any reason to the ground (harbor, where the shock grenades are), my character got stuck to nothing. Got killed moments later bc i could not cover.
hmm… ok. Then I tried to get off a cover but my character was stuck again, this time to the wall, got killed.
Let me be clear here, this is not a “I’m noob and i get angry bc i lose”. We win 80% of the time in ranked, I’m master and I play gears a LOT with my friends, almost everyday and I’m pretty happy with our win ratio. ok, lets keep going.
Enemy got a dropshot! watch out!, we could not listen the noise when he fired, we got killed. It’s a NEW BUG IMPLEMENTED IN LAST PATCH. yaaaay
Ok, let’s keep going, grenade at 5m away!!, dont worry, no need to run or cover bc it’s way too far, destroys us. Again, grenade inconsistency.
I got the crossbow!, Aim to the enemy’s head, shot!!! (the arrow releases moments after I release the click, not sure if this is discussed here in the forums, but it’s released with a delay, this is bad design because it always happens), miss the shot bc the moved.
Matches keep laging, playing with people with 1 ms ping and >100 ms ping in every round, Gnasher inconsistency keeps in every match.
Ok, let’s keep going, just dont use the gnasher because it’s broken, we know this game is full of bugs.
Belkain where are you??? Belkain??? I need you here!!
Belkain disconnected
Belkain: Guys I lost connection, I tried to join but I got a penalty for leaving the game… I’m not playing this *** game again.

COME OOOOOOOOOOOOOON WE CANT EVEN PLAY THIS GAME!!! not even a match without a glitch, bad game design, weapon inconsistency, network issues, crashes (even on Xbox one X), bad weapon balance, etc…
Ok, I’m leaving. click over return to desktop, click over return to desktop, click over return to desktop, I CANT EVEN LEAVE THE GAME WITHOUT A GLITCH!! I CANT QUIT THE GAME WITH MY MOUSE. click again over return to desktop, game quits. 4 times i had to click it, they said they fixed this error in latest patch but no… they didnt -.-

I just lost hope, even many months after release the game is full of bugs, bad design and poor content. No but wait until next operation!! we have bunch of surprises we cant even talk about! more bugs coming with more skins and 2 maps?, no thank you.

I will keep waiting until Gears 6 come out, and I hope another developer team takes the challenge.


^ That’s your answer why people keep quitting against you in Social especially if you are playing with your friends in there.


Reason I quit the game since Test Tech was over no many did and this are the consequences.
If you didn’t saw it coming well you got yourself to blame.

Painful to read. I can’t.


Are you master?
Wow you are a noob then.
I am a master blaster of disaster.

If you’re going to complain, at least bullet-point your arguments and make it comprehensive. This was so painful to read and your sarcasm is off-putting. I’ll be honest, I stopped reading after the first paragraph. You’re just coming off like a whiny ■■■■■


To highlight what OP says:

  • Servers have a severe amount of lag.
  • Repetitive maps rotation.
  • Versus have a low number of maps.
  • Quitters.
  • Long matchmaking queue.
  • Xbox live services is going down abrubtly.
  • Hit detection issues.
  • PC - Nvidia Overlay crashes.
  • Gnasher inconsistency.
  • Versus Covers Gravitational force *Don’t look at me, it’s an issue :sweat_smile:
  • Audio vanishing related issues.
  • Grenades’ ridiculous radius.
  • Torque Bow shooting delay.
  • Connection drops and post penalties.
  • Quit to Desktop dysfunction.

Thank you for taking your time sir, I was pretty annoyed when I made this post and I wanted to relate what it feels like to play this game, or trying to.
Sure, all this issues have been talked in this forums, but even after many months we are still waiting for fix.

Have a good day.