Today I am uninstalling Gears

This is probably my first and last post.
Announcing your departure is kinda wack but here it is.

I loved Gears since the first one came out, I’ve put tens of thousands of hours in the game. I played this when I was 15 and now I’m 29. Much like everybody else. However, this is probably the worst game out of the series (including judgment). Let me tell you why.

  1. Stop tinkering with the tunings. It doesn’t matter how fast you run. It doesn’t matter the amount of magnetism there is. It doesn’t matter how much a weapon does damage. Those are not the issues, it’s your stupid code that you can’t figure out.

  2. Why would you suddenly change the game from 5v5 to 4v4? It’s been that way for a decade. Is it because a bunch of solo queuers complained? I’m a solo queuer and got to diamond. The maps are too big and you feel like you have to look for these guys. It’s boring and everybody camps. Plus now you can’t even play with your friends thus disincentivizing playing the game altogether. The game is supposed to retain its player base now it’s crippling even more because of this change.

  3. **This community is racist AF. ** Mexicans love this game and keep the game alive but some of y’all spew some racist ■■■■. I’m an American and still seeing this is disappointing.

  4. Why is there a billion ways to customize everything? You don’t even need 99% of that. All people ask for are skins and that’s it,

  5. Your ■■■■■■■ maps are garbage. I don’t even need to elaborate.

Was going to buy the Series X but man, Coalition blew it. I rarely nag but I feel as if I need to speak up for others.


The first point is what hit the nail on the head, atleast in my opinion… TBH iirc there was a post posted awhile back where the author of the post mentioned that TC didn’t code the game directly they outsourced most of their code. IDK if its true but that would make alot of since of why they cannot figure out their code.


I noticed that all players that have left are leaving because of Versus and Versus alone. Says a lot tbh.


How is it different from nearly any other gaming community? When people rage online, they attack the few things they know about someone…race is usually one of those things. It’s not gonna change, here, or in any game.


Ah… I think there was some Horde players, too, who hated the (recently abandoned) Hero System.

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the constant tinkering is unsettling… they did the same with gears 4 and by the time they finally had a game that everyone liked, it was too late, gears 5 was coming out… removing the speed boost after coming off cover lost me

gears is the most toxic game and community; it’s funny to me cos we assume they want new players, but judging by all the toxicity in the game they only want veterans to stick around


I’m feeling the same way , stop messing with the tunings.
4v4 sucks on koh it’s turned very slow and boring .
Run speed and responsiveness on the beta tuning is a joke . I’m bored running somewhere that takes longer to get there and everything feels a chore . You press buttons and the game does nothing .
If this is implemented into rank I’m off to play cyberpunk when that’s out . As operation 5 is totally rubbish waited a long 18 weeks or absolute boring rehash content again



TC putting Squad limits goes against everything Gears has stood for. I laughed at how the limited the squad size so players couldn’t play with their friends in operation 4 THAT WAS CALLED ’ BROTHERS IN ARMS’

If that isn’t ironic idk what is.

the Limit they put on playing with your friends have severely cut my playing time down on the game.


huge issue and they dont seem to know it.

at one point it does have to stop. i feel op4 was perfect


The original post to this I agree with. Besides the racists stuff. And they are in this game . But who cares? Its people getting butt hurt over Pvp chat. That killed the trash talk between teams. Before a match in between rounds, and at the end.

That was a great part of the game. Part of what made Gears great. The cross team chat.

Now we just have the team chat that nobody uses and the stupid text chat. Trying to save non men, and their feelings.


Don’t forget that our anger issues towards TC is a Hollow Storm! :grin:

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Why is this a bad thing? Also, considering that we didn’t like how Gears 5 did away with setting weapon skins per faction makes Gears 5 inferior to Gears 4’s customization.



& because you don’t like the state of PvP casual players will call you a “cry baby” lol.

I feel it though.

It’s complete trash they did that to the player base.

So what if the population is low? Why make us play something you choose just to play with friends.

& I hit masters solo like 3x on my account and friends just so they can have the skins so don’t come at me saying I can’t win without a squad.

I just wanna play with my friends & get that extra exp since I refuse to grind horde for exp.


Well you can thank gears 4 for brining in the Mexican community & excluding the Americans when they went balls crazy to promote diversity .

Nothing wrong with diversity but when you target “el dia de la Muerte” & have gears 5 the spitting face of “Hispanic Heritage Month” you get Mexican players.

I’m Hispanic so I can’t be racist to my own kind but isn’t this Serra? I didn’t know their was Earth heritages.

So now we have a gaint base of Latin players that out number American players because of that move.

Didn’t think they understood what they did but they outcasted most American by not placing JD as the main & going with the Mexican band wagon.

They excluded Americans for diversity? Really? America is what backed Gears the hardest.

Now we have other regions but PvP is swamped with the Latin community. (Nothing wrong with that)

But at the cost of your own?

I play video games to escape diversity & all this BS. I want to forget about politics. But it’s there. & annoying.

Then Kait as lead when all video games are making female leads? That’s very ingenious. Feels like she’s forced.

Now the community had no problems with woman characters but your main audience is men.

I’d say the ratio to how many woman plays these to dudes is a giant ratio.

I understand most companies don’t care about their audience & I really don’t understand it.

But when the ships sinking they act all desperate to keep the game afloat with WWE stars, Halo characters, movie celebrities to try & bring back the fan base.

But the fan base just wants plain ole GEARS.

All we want is buff dudes/woman without these weird emotions & plow stuff up!!!

How much drama was with Marcus or any delta? None really, they were hard dudes. When they showed emotion it was necessary like Tai’s death, Maria’s death, Dom’s death…

& even then the emotions weren’t long lasted. After they were just blood lust.

I could go on but that’s what I believe.


Amen, bro. Uninstalled Gears 5 a couple hours ago and excited to sink my teeth back into Gears 4; that game is WAY more polished in terms of PvP…


Wrong. Mexicans have been playing gears for more than a decade, Nothing new, if the american population decreased and you get paired with mexicans more often then thats another thing.

Im mexican, and I can tell you we dont care about identity politics in games, we dont care if the main cast is white, asian, black or full aliens, we just enjoy the game because is gears. luchador skins are lame and day of the dead skins are cringy and overused. I can assure you no one felt attracted to gears 4 because it had those kins. We find it cool, but we dont care if the game havs them or not.

Blame it on MC, not us,


i’m on the fence about your post

gears has had a large latino presence since 2006, it was not ushered in through gears 4… i vividly remember being cursed out in spanish back in the day… it could’ve been since i’m in los angeles, so i’ve always matched with and against latino community

i personally liked the day of the dead skins; reyna was my favorite one. but i also agree with your comment about the player base being largely male and TC being followers while the feminist movement was spiking… gears was already ahead of the movement with Queen Myrrah, who’s my favorite character… at the same time, while TC were followers and unoriginal, it was inevitable for queen myrrah and reyna and kait’s storyline to come to the forefront

i did not like JD as the main. for me it was an over the top cliche white male character that should’ve never been created. he’s nothing like marcus… why couldn’t marcus’ son be a scruffy voiced badass like his dad instead of this department store announcement sounding kid

but gears has always been about diversity… delta squad is two white dudes, a latino and an african american… an asian is their commanding officer. a woman headed the army of the villains and another woman handled cog logistics… so i’m not sure if doing day of the dead skins killed off american support… if it did, that’s pretty weak to me

if white people stopped playing the game because of latino community and latino skins and having women characters, that’s awful… kait is essentially a white woman, that means all gears iterations except tactics have had white people at the forefront

i do agree with you about the silly characters… all the wwe and terminator stuff is so out of place… the new day is a flop, the wrestling moves are funny but no one uses bautista… sarah connor running around killing terminators in serra is random… homage to random violent characters is working for mortal kombat but not gears

but you’re right, the fanbase just wants plain old gears, cool executions and a working gnasher… upgrade the graphics every year and add original characters, that’s it

It isn’t that I’m against customization or a more open-world story/map system. But for me it feels like TC tried to do too many new and different things with the resources/time they had.

Honestly, I would have been happy with Gears 4.5 if it was stable. But it feels so many issues could have been resolved before launch had TC not been busy adding new stuff like:
The Hero System (abandoned in OP5)
Open World Campaign
Arcade Mode
13 different Heroes/Classes at launch (Halo & Terminator)
Choose your own story (Act IV’s “choice”)

A stable Gears 5 with maybe one of those new features at launch would have been 100 times better than what we got. And if they could have kept the game stable, they could have kept the population by adding the rest of those features over subsequent operations, similar to how OP3 brought Gridiron

It’s hilarious reading people not understanding how to classify “Latinos,”

“essentially a white woman.”

It’s amazing to see the amount of misunderstanding that has been pushed on our world. Hopefully this doesn’t get me in trouble on these boards


Hispanic is not a race
Latino is not a race

These are literally the mixed children of colonization and seeing others and even themselves struggle to classify or describe themselves showcases the miseducation and power of racism in our world.

Shows how little diversity has actually been shown in media and taught in our education systems and the desire to fit in to a group that clearly has a disparity of power and wealth.

No one and I repeat no one can scientifically be brown or have visible MELANIN without descending from “BLACK” people.

But the really light ones are “essentially a white woman.”

Again, not trying to cause an issue on the boards, it’s just amazing to see as it effects everything in life and someone on here wrote that they play games to escape identity politics… When their group is having one of the biggest identity crisis in history.

They are essentially going through something similar to what the Italians went through.


i don’t think your post would get you in trouble, but to clarify, kait is voiced by laura bailey, an american white woman… that’s what “essentially a white woman” means… so, while kait in the game is placed for minority representation, having a white voice actress in my opinion still means gears of war franchise has had all white character leads