TOD items after the operation ends

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere so I’m not sure where to look, but has anything been said on what will happen to Op1’s TOD items once Op2 begins? I wasn’t able to get Team Metal in time, the one item I wanted from the entire stream, and it would suck if it were closed off permanently.

They’re not supposed to be coming back once OP2 starts, but I won’t be surprised if certain items get released later down the road, like your team metal skin.

(Through the store lol)

TC said items will be locked away in the vault, but may bring them back in the future.

But the store thing is untrue. TC have made it clear that TOD rewards won’t be sold in the store.

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On the one hand I think the exclusivity is best as a badge of some sort, but on the other hand Team Metalnis the best set of skins in the game.

‘‘TC have made it clear that TOD rewards won’t be sold in the store.’’

I’ll believe it when I see it. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if we saw these items available for monetary purchase in the future. Either that or they’ll just give the kait skin a bit of cloth and call it something else…but it’s essentially the exact same skin form the TOD.

I don’t trust TC as far as I can spit.

I see where you’re coming from with this and the way they treated the GOW4 preorder characters (Vintage Oscar, Zombie Dom etc).

However they have admittedly kept a number of skins under wraps as they originally said they would. Reward skins like the Diamond Gear and Scion, Emerald Gear, Classic Golden Gear, even the animal Swarm Drones (Tiger, Leopard print skins) were never made craftable or sold in the store. As much as I’ve been very critical of TC in the past, I’ll retain my faith in them on this particular topic until something changes my mind.

Griffin was a different matter and they always made it clear that it was available for a short while via the challenge but also sold in the store later.

Im thinking that all the operations will be available when they switch production to Gears 6. Alternetive that you can build your last operation from the 10 operations that has been. Assuming it will be 2.5 years production.

Look at what they did with Raam.

You could earn him in 4…then they made a totem for him or he could be purchased.

The leopard swarm in 4 was exactly the same as the ‘‘different’’ Kait skin that just had a bit of cloth added. Dead skins that were hardly ever seen in MP.
Just look at the ‘‘NEW’’ scion that they are doing…same skin as what we have, just a different colour. that is NOT a new skin.

TC are sly pirates.