ToD 1 Characters

Anyone else really disappointed in the rewards for the Operation 2 Tour of Duty? I didn’t have enough time to finish the first ToD, but I really wanted some of the later characters (Desert Armor and Winter Armor characters). The rewards in Operation 2 are absolute trash, and I’m only interested in the Baird skins.

TC, can you make these characters available again?

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Since the desert and winter skins we’re in the campaign, I could see them ending up in supply at some point.

If its anything like Gears 4 they will end up craftable at some point. But I think ToD 2 has better characters than ToD 1 with Classic Baird, hivebuster Lizzy, Onyx Guard, and Blood Red Speaker but thats just me

It’s hilarious how the store skins look way more unique than the ones you earn in the tour of duty, like hivebuster Baird looks way cooler than black and gold baird and lieutenant chutani looks better than gym fhaz by far

To be fair to those who took the time to do tod1 these skins should not be made available again anytime soon otherwise people will just ignore the other tours if they know the skins will be available again anyway.

What I’m saying is basically that TC will be working against themselves if they make tod1 skins available again and undermine the time restrictive nature of the tour of duty.

No, I was in Operation 1, but I’m very happy with the rewards in Operation 2.

Between the Operation 2 bundle, Tour of Duty 2, Gearsmas, and the improved store offerings, there is a lot good content IMO.

Significant improvement over Operation 1.