To whoever added and voiced the "voiced gun sounds" mutator


Now we just need it in PvE.


Agree! Love this fun Modifiers they’re are hilarious.

I want the Gears 1,2,3 Filters for every Mode.
IMO the Game looks better with one of those Filters on.


The first act looks amazing with the Gears 1 filter tbh


Honestly I didn’t even know about this being added to the game until I saw a video for it. Have to say brilliant add and cant wait to start using it lol

Haven’t heard them all yet but the “KA-POW” of the Gnasher gets me every time. :joy:


Yeah that’s a good one. The claw is also pretty funny.


Looking forward to that one. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any idea who is the person who voiced these gun sounds?

Sounds like different persons to me. The Gnasher sounds like the voice actor of Cole.

I was hoping it would be more like those talking “cursed weapons” from Borderlands 2 that you get from a sidequest. That would be even more hilarious!

But the mutator seems doesn’t replace grenade and hammer of dawn explosions. Only bullet weapons.


The chainsaw execution was replaced though. One of the first things we tested.

Gl rockets arent replaced sadly

The GL Rocket aim is though. They make the laser aiming sound and the missile thump noise when it launches :joy:

One of the best ones

Yeah, but flying rockets still sounds normal

None of the explosive weapons explosions are changed.

Only the actual shot taking action changed noises for gl, boomshot, torque. (Didnt pay attention to salvo noise as i only used it for shooting out the bridge).

Which is perfectly fine and in line with the other weapons. Gl and torque are 2 of the funniest ones

its fun for a while but gets old fast, I’d rather they put effort into other things for PvE.

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This. I tried playing a full Act with it on and couldn’t do it.

The thing that finally did it for me was dying from a Torque Bow twice. I’m used to hearing the charge up and know to put my head down. With all of the human sounds basically sounding the same, it’s hard to hear what the enemy is about to hit you with in a gun fight.

Yes :wink:
The same person voiced all of them.


Wasn’t you by any chance, huh?

Just messing.

I’d have been laughing too hard to be effective.