To those who got Masters on PC

To those of you that got Masters in TDM on PC did you focus on using your Gnasher or Focus on using aim with the lancer?

A mix tbh.

Lancer and Gnasher are always important but also power weapons are usually a good way to get extra kills, fast.

Both, but mainly gnasher.

Mostly focused on getting a good team, then gnasher and picking up power weapons…

Thanks for the tips

Focus on whatever kills the enemy in the situation presented to you

Yeah so i tried that and i didnt work out so well This literally Makes no sense

  • Play with one other friend who is a hard carry so you lose less often
  • Kill as often/easily as you can, die as little as you can
  • Keep doing that and eventually you will get to your deserved rank, whatever that is

Optionally, you can try playing with larger stacks. May or may not work. I haven’t been able to do that in Gears 5, so I can’t say if that’ll be successful.

So i should play with a Teammate that is Bad or play with a teammate i can carry?

Play with a teammate that can help you carry the other 3 bots on your team


Hard to do when that person is slammed with exams all week…and can’t play…


Yeah man. Its rough