To the PvP players... you were right

I got back into playing versus, for the Trashball Cole skin, and the gnasher still has issues with nothing coming out when pressing RT. Video of it -!AqdMpsoazf3zgjv7A6siJiLyfU10

I can’t believe this is still and issue. I was playing in Quickplay. Does the same thing happen in Ranked?

TC addressed this in their Dev stream.

I’ll leave it to other people to explain the specifics, but the game does have a very short trade window, which exasperates the issue.

It does happen in ranked as well. It can happen in any mode.

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I hope they fix it. It’s one of the reasons I quick before. It’s beyond frustrating dying over something that shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place.

Don’t suppose you know at approx what time on the stream at all?
I’m very interested to find out how a trade window stops shots, when not getting killed.

OP I take it you tried to fire a few shots at that guy? Like at the points where you were facing him directly? It’s hard to read the issue of shots not firing watching a vid, as we obviously can’t tell when you have pulled the trigger.

Yep, I fired as soon as I came off that wall. That’s why showing videos surrounding this issue doesn’t really serve justice. But it looks like I was aiming to shot, but nothing happened. Was extremely annoyed.

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Thought so. thats why I am really interested to see TC explain how a kill trade window stops your shots when you didn’t actually die (and enter the trade window) for several failed shots.

Is there a better vid? There’s another issue that LOOKS like a failed shot, but I’ve never seen it reported and i’m keen to see if it happens to anyone else before I whinge about how broken this game is again.

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I don’t unfortunately.

All I know is that they made the trade window much smaller for this game, which may in turn be one of the reasons why these sort of things happen.

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Is there a better vid showing more examples like these? If that’s what your asking, then no. I haven’t recorded anything else, but it’s happened a ton of times.

I guess showing the gameplay plus controller while playing would suffice in situations like these.

No worries dude. Now I’ll have to waste most of my gaming time tonight to watch it. I curse myself for falling alseep waiting for it the other day.

I’m not disagreeing, this is TC and their odd idea of what is perfectly fine, but it just doesn’t seem logical that it would be holding back multiple shots that happen while the player is alive (as in the vid).

I’ve updated the video with a slow-motion to when the shot was suppose to register. After reviewing it in slow-motion, it even looks like my gnasher didn’t register when I panned back around just before getting downed.

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Cheers dude, i could watch it in 1080p this time as well.

I don’t think it’s the other issue i’ve seen. Will check on the big screen later anyway. but man is it hard to read muzzle flash with that damn red filter.

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It happens alot in ranked. I dont think it happens at all in quickplay but it happened literally all night last night.

And it was only when my ping was in the single digits. So tht tells me its the LAG COMP kicking in.

LAG COMPENSATION IS REAL AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME DIFFERENT. Game plays completely different when my ping is in the 30s ( for the better)
It plays slower and clunkier when its single digit (lucky me) Its basically everytime i play ranked especially when its 2 v 2


Not really sure what the trade window has to do with the weapon not firing. It at times happens 2 / 3 times in a row across several seconds.


This always confuses me. How does a higher ping equates to better gameplay? I was running in single digits a bunch of times, and was getting wrecked.


mine just seems to shoot blank shells that don’t do anything

Same. I remember when they experimented with the trade window in Gears 4, at one point removing it altogether, and it was nothing like the OP’s vid. All it did was reduce the amount of “updates”/trades when two people shot within a split second of each other. It never made the gun not shoot, no matter how wide or short the trade window was set. Though, sometimes you’d see your bullets go through someone right before you died.

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Its lag compensation. Tc and company try and deny it but its night and day how this game plays when my ping is single digit.