To the one in charge of Esports Streams

Not sure if this is TC or someone else but I couldn’t find a contact info for something like this.

Last week the esports stream debuted it’s new layout, it looks better but there are a few bugs they need to fix.

  • Claiming Rewards: if you don’t test it BEFORE and it fails, well don’t play dumb when critics and bad comments rain down on you.
  • 2 weeks ago everything was fine on firefox (internet browser) but with the new layout I can’t see the chat bar (bottom right) since it’s covered by the maestro thing. Works fine on Chrome.
  • Timer: how did you coded this? at first I thought it connected to my pc timer but it doesn’t and I don’t know if there is anything I can do to fix it or it’s just the platform’s fault. Right now it shows 4 hours and 46 minutes for the show but the forum message says 5PM PST which means the clock is wrong by 2 hours. Here’s a picture
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Says 2 hours, 37 minutes at the time of writing this.

Showing 4 hours and 2 minutes now, it’s not based on the profile so it’s gotta be something else. Thanks for your reply, will try to narrow it down.