To The Coalition: Please understand racism and anti-gay slurs can be said and committed by minorities as well

I’ve been playing Gears since the first one. I played when the lobby was open to all types of crazy talking before matches and in between. I took part in all of that back in the day. But we grow up and times change and things that were “ok” change. That being said I am sick and tired of the large Mexican community of Gears routinely using anti-gay, homosexual and racist language and getting a pass for it. I know the language myself and I have to often translate for teammates or let spanish speakers know that I understand what they are saying. Yes I know you can mute and what not and I do so. But that shouldn’t let these people off the hook. I know there is a lot of cope that only certain skin colors can be racist and I am here to just give perspective that this is far from true. There are a ton of racist, homophobic Mexican players and just because maybe most people don’t understand them or they are using a spanish version of the N word doesn’t make it ok. When you have pro-players from Mexico routinely using homosexual slang against teams on stream you are being hypocritical when you say you want a less toxic Gears. Mexicans play this game a ton and if you think they are not toxic , racist or homophobic you either don’t know the language or are looking the other way


I approve what you said, but I would ask for “ban” of some words for more languages. I know that spanish players are a lot (specially for Mexicans), but your post just show that Mexicans are toxic, but if you know the language how do you know that they are mexicans? Except for your quote about mexicans pro players

I speak spanish and if I want I can write and speak as a Mexican, but that doesn’t makes me a Mexican.

It’s the same when I found english players saying toxic words and if I say that Americans are toxic

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This kind of behaviour is unacceptable in any language, completely agree with you.

If you see any of that kind of behaviour please report it with evidence (screenshot ideally) to:

Players do get banned for this kind of behaviour :slight_smile:

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