To the 2nd wave of 60 re-ups Congratulations

I was apart of the 1st wave the 1st weekend when we got the new re-ups to 60.


Congrats to u Op/others :sunglasses:

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I am now done but I will still go for level 100 just in case.

I’m really happy for you.

Congratulations, not playing the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still do not understand the purpose of these additional 10 Re-Ups.

Why did they nerf the Re-Ups again if they introduce another 10 Re-Ups? To force people into buying boost? Well clever people saved their Iron from the tour to not waste any money on that and besides, literally the moment they released the new Re-Ups, the weekend after they introduced an XP boost weekend. What’s the point I wonder… we’re also back to a massive XP boost again.

I also have yet to see one person not having abused any grinding method to reach some Re-Ups. There’s only one I know of who almost never used any and it’s not me lol.


Ask yourself how many players who have completed the versus kills, damage and assists without boosting in custom matches and actually did them in public versus matches instead.

Bottom line is people don’t have patience and will use the quickest available method to get it done.


Yeah I get that, but not the ones that carry on playing the game anyway. I saw someone I follow on Twitter flexing the reup 60 they ground out LE method to get it done. But they are a daily player that plays a lot anyway. If you’re done with the game I get it, if you still play it why bother.

Look at all the wasted non gaming hours when people ground to 50 before the re work of levels.

Look at all the wasted non gaming hours when people ground to 50 before the re work of levels.

Those who reached reup 50 on the old curve obviously boosted like crazy. No one ever reached 82M XP playing legit. It would take forever.

Why do u think the curve was adjusted to begin with? If people could play a decent amount and eventually reach that milestone it wouldnt have changed.

I reached max rank on the same day as the OP and I have no regrets going crazy that first weekend when the XP event was on. If I had the versus grind achievements done, I wouldnt even be playing the game other than doing dailies or working on new medals (already have 100% medals this op).

I know I’m always negative on here but…

Congrats and now continue to feel empty and like you’re not getting rewarded for playing.

This might not happen if you didn’t mindlessly use grinding methods.

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My guess?

They are judged by the number of active players. And too many people got to 50 and stopped playung so this is an atrificial way to boost player numbers.

Rathwr than creating a game people will want to play because they enjoy it, they are looking for way to incentivise “completionists” into more grind.

Both show up the same on the player numbers. But one is much easier for them to do…

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Never cared about Achievements, maxing rank, or Mastering all maps etc…
I literally just play because I enjoy PvE and PvP. I level classes/cards so I can play them efficiently. I only Re-Up because why not?

Everyone has goals but I play to slay sorta cringe haha

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Thats kibda my attitude… Thats why some of my classes are level 1s, or 3s : if i dont enjoy playing it, why bother.

Thats why i dont play pvp: dont enjoy it here…

I play horde cuz i found some really fun people to play with, and horde isnt bad now…

And i sometimes leave jack floating cloaked overnight, because why not? It’s free and doesnt require any time…

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They really just added them because of new rewards, I suppose. Beyond the obvious player retention they get from completionists.

I only bothered with those reups now for the Kait skin(which is ok but not the most exciting either now that I got a proper look at it), much like
I only bothered getting all the classes to level 20 for the weapon skins. Reached 60 when they had that unintentional 500% XP boost out for a few hours while I didn’t have anything better to do during that time. But none of it would mean anything to me if I was not looking to play the game at all any further. Not like this is even anything remotely challenging like the Incon Campaign, it’s just grind.

Just putting that out there since some in here seem to love putting the people getting Reup 60 and those not caring into a black and white picture when there can be more motivation to it than just getting a meaningless number. Not that I would know who does it for what.

If the versus xp rates weren’t so ■■■ less people would be grinding lol.

I’m re-up 52 and played a mixture of all modes over 2 years.

I’ve used the lethal engagement method for maybe a total of 1 whole re-up but’s its way too boring.

There’s going to be at least another 2 years until Gears 6 comes out, if it ever does.

Plenty of time for people to play the game and enjoy it, whilst getting XP.

Yes but several things. First of all not everyone will own a series x or a computer than can run gears 6 by the time it comes out. Second of all not everyone playing gears has been playing it for 2 years and even if they have they might have switched it up by playing other games inbetween.