To TCs standards Palace Guards are balanced

I’m all down for a challenge Koty but I just don’t think the dmg output they have is fair. Lancer guards are whatever, that’s just adjusting…but if a pick-up Palace Guard so happens to grab a weapon they become zeus! I got one shot by a guard tonight who was wielding a Wardens mace.

Like cmon man there has to be a line drown somewhere lol. Palace Guards are literally stronger than the original wielding of certain weapons, especially Mace, Cryo, Scorcher and Mulcher. Oh and just to add there is no adjusting to boomshots with these guys. You see them carry a boom and before you even realize the situation you’re chilling with Dom, Prescott and Myrrah.


I definitely agree with you that the damage they do with the guns they pick is way more than any other enemy in the game. Their lancers are almost as strong as the Peace Makers Enforcers lol

If they pick up a Buzzkill, I’m mostly like not gonna make it out alive if I can’t get far enough away. If they pick up a cryo cannon and im not ready, then im definitely getting frozen instantly lol

And now that you mention the scorcher. If I run up on a Guard with one, 9 times out of 10 im not making it out alive. That thing is as strong as the Judgment Scorcher. They could be tuned down a little bit but not so much that when palace guards show up im not worried about them anymore.


Honestly a lot of this is me just not being used to CQC. Like you said earlier, I was surprised to be downed by a Torque Bow in full stim. Like, that isn’t suppose to happen right lol? I think my only real issue is boomshots or multiple scions in one area. That ■■■■ is scary…If I have no flash I think its a retreat honestly.

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Its not supposed to happen. Stim is supposed to save you from any 1 hit. If you get hit by an Elite Hunter Tbow and you have stim after it sticks you, you will survive but if you get hit by a theron/Guard tbow and you have stim after it sticks you, you’re going down. That doesn’t really make any sense to me so usually when I see a tbow being aimed at me I just play like a coward if I can’t get close enough to it lol

In 1-50s on the late Deebee waves you can have like 4 Dr1s, a few boomshots, a mulcher, and a Warden all on the map at the same time. All that and there’s probably a Guardian flying around somewhere. Those waves get intense.

Im always buying flashbangs but nothing can prepare you for throwing a perfect flashbang at a boomshot scion, you assume the flashbang will stun the scion so you preemptively start running towards it, the flash does nothing to it, it shoots you and executes you immediately lol pretty fun stuff

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I’ve seen Lancer Guards pick weapons up but they seem to be a lot less liable to as they often like picking a cover to play sniper with the Lancer they spawn with. I reckon Torque Bow Guards take them more often because of the fact that they don’t ever once take any cover and walk around like it doesn’t even exist to them.

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I need to know I’m not going crazy…Is it possible for a Scion to just attack without a sound queue? No Firing, suppression, freezing or launching? Just straight up attacks without notice.

What I have noticed is that lets say a boomshot scion says Firing but you get out of its line of sight for awhile, he can fire his boom at you when you reappear without saying his voice line again because he never lost aggro to you.


What I’ve noticed is that Boomshot Scions do whatever they want. Ive learned that them saying “Firing” means absolutely nothing because they’re gonna hold their shot until they have you in a line of sight. Or they just won’t saying anything at all and they’ll blast you with a boomshot.


Lol, of course. That’s what makes Boomshot Scions so bad. Ikd if there were original AI-rules who forced them to give an audio-cue before firing, but AE certainly threw it out the window.

It gets worse. Embar or Flash won’t force them to drop it and at least with a flash they’ll still freeze you even if they’re actually stunned. Imagine the invisible mist Scions will shoot at you when stunned, but in this case it actually kills you.

And the fact that there are 2 identical enemy-skins for different healthpools is laughable. As if there aren’t any PG-skins to make it easier to differentiate between Lancer and Tbow PGs.

Oh, and the ones with the bigger HP-pool ( Lancers iirc ) will often ignore hitstun AND bleed to introduce you to their chainsaw. Unlike Cyclops who won’t be able to rev up their saw.

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I kid you not on a Wave 8 Frenzy Master it is LITERALLY one shot from a cryo and you’re done. It’s so laughable too because when you die the game will say something like 17% damage. This definitely was not intended man, TC just messed up on their balance, and its just one of those things we’re just gonna have to suck it up on.

Yeah I wish there was some kind of difference. Playing Marksman all the time I never noticed this but when I’m on Baird, kait or Lahni it becomes WAY more noticeable lol.

I honestly avoid all close combat with these guys if I can help it, I know Lahni has a harder time doing this because I got chainsawd mid shock chain on village. Had to take a 5min break to cry it off.

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Well, kind of. Cyro will kill on freeze in PvP as well. And since they’re using PvP-AI…
Just further proof to me how rushed these spawns were implemented and the complete absence of playtesting.

Bonkstick still works most of the time. But the "stun"of Shockblade won’t prevent the Saw and the autoaim isn’t always working in your favor if there are enemies close to each other.

Just like when you get flamed and think it’s a Flame Grenadier who do fairly low damage compared to other things but then you’ll instandly go down because of the insane Damage the Palace Guards do with the Scorcher. :expressionless:

Atleast from my experience it seems they stealth balanced the Frags and (Theron)Torque ignoring all Damage resistance because i tanked a Frag without stim and tanked a few Torque bows as Gunner yesterday.

Jack likes Palace Guards, don’t see why they’re off balance. :wink:

DB’s with Enforcers are also just as annoying, regardless of how much health or damage resistance you may have, they easily shred thru anything. I can recall several moments in a few master runs where a DB easily wiped an entire unprepared team by just casually walking up to players and firing a single burst.

I gotta admit I love the Locust being back and feel that they are more challenging than some of the Swarm enemies in horde. Sure the balancing could use some tweaks but I think it’s pretty good. The game is just buggy all around


Stronger than a Mulcher Scion?!

I have seen Guards with the Mulcher insta kill Robo’s DR-1. Mulcher Scions at least leave it standing for a second or two, not that it’s much of an improvement.

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True that, usually a Mulcher Scion just kinda:

And that’s all she wrote for me.

Kestrel is even worse for this, some classes just have to accept that they aren’t allowed to win this time around when one shows up.

Me: At least there is no Kestrel in Horde Roulette.
TC: Sorry. It is bug. We will correct it.
Me when there are 8 Kestrels at the same time in the map: :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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It’s interesting seeing some of the same posters that claim the game is easy even on Master also claim that several enemies are too powerful