To TCs standards Palace Guards are balanced

So it just occurred to me that TC has re-balanced some enemies damage, animations and attack speed in the past. Some examples would be the Elite Drone dmg being reduced, Juvies execution animation being too quick, Guardians shield recovery rates being too fast.

All very good changes made to specific enemies. So why the f-word can palace guards cryo cannon freeze me faster than a literal Ice Scion? It has Ice in its name, yet some no name palace guard is 10x better with it. I wish screenshotted it but the palace guard literally only need one hit with cryo to insta freeze me. If you can nerf kaits ult you can nerf the pickup dmg palace guards do.

I hate palace guards and I hate boomshots.


Unfortunately they don’t play the game or read the forums so they probably don’t know about the interaction. I’m guessing palace guards have a flat damage buff to every weapon they pick up and that includes the ice damage.

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Guards use the Coop vs AI bot AI with some tweaks to it because of their dumb weapon pickup functionality. I bet you that that resulted in something getting screwed up, it being the weapon damage. The Scorcher damage from the Flame Grenadier vs Guard is another excessive increase. One gives you a chance to charge it down or move away if you pay attention, the other just insta downs you most of the time before you get to react.

Guess why it’s not a good idea to shove enemies with different AI in, when the game is going to be abandoned not that long after, a year and a half into its lifecycle. Especially when the wonky behavior of the originally included AI has not been fixed yet, and a lot of them still have stupidly excessive damage and accuracy. The only one that TC ever did anything about was the Drone Elites and then they threw that out of the window with Lancer Guards and to a lesser degree Cyclops.


If you aren’t being beamed by Lancer Palace Guards or Cyclops they’re likely chainsawing you. Its a lot less likely but it can still happen. It just annoys me that they can fix these issues but don’t. Juvies for example getting their execution trigger being delayed and not Scions aswell. A Scion can execute you so quick your camera bugs out (had this happen today)

been trying to play more CQC lately and I feel bad for people who’ve delt with this for so long.


I literally stopped using those classes for a while when they put the Locust in because the BS and stupidity went through the roof with those enemies and the increased spamming of Boomshot Scions. Plus I wasn’t bothered to deal with chainsawers as an additional stress factor when even prior to the not so famous and great Locust playing a CQC class wasn’t braindead easy(no offense to Demo players). Possibly redundant info, I only started using them in Op 5. It’s almost not believable that I even make them work at all now with the current nonsensical state of the Horde spawns.

And they only ever changed the execution delay for Juvies, none of the other enemies. Why Horde needs to have instant executions for anything but miniboss(and the Stump even ignores DBNO players) and boss enemies when Escape doesn’t is really beyond me. Hell, even in the case of the boss enemies I would question if an instant kill/execution is justified on DBNO players.

I don’t expect that 6 will improve on those issues. Unbalanced damage and accuracy, instant executions and aimbotting already plagued Gears 4 to a degree and 5 did not make it any better despite complaints. If anything it was worse at its launch.


Someone knows if Scions prioritize the best player on that horde match? Sometimes I get DBNO near a Scion but many times they didn’t bother to execute me and keep walking to the base.

Most of these happens when I use a non CQC class and I’m not the most powerful class (CM, Slugger)


Yeah that’s definitely not the case. It’s whoever has aggro but Scions mostly ignore everything and ruin your day if you’re downed.


I liked the idea of adding more enemy variety but TC really needed to test the Locust enemies before adding them to regular horde. I hope they look into the issues caused by using PvP AI and either modify it or scrap using it and just improving the Horde/PvE AI.

I had sometimes the same feeling. On one hand it could be understandable that programmers had put smart weight in the code but on another I think that it could be just a biased feeling watching the scene by our own eyes.

And this feeling starts even before the fight when as a striker or a BM you are waiting for the snatcher or the carrier to kill, those enemies sometimes tend to change their routes to avoid you and the promised death they deserved … lol

Anyways I fully share this feeling

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It really hurts reading statements like these because I know it’ll never be looked into and will always be the same. We are such a small community of niche players…You’d think there would be Dev who would be in touch with players alike. Michael was honestly the best.

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Full steam ahead for Gears 6.
If I was TC I would put more focus into PvE as it feels like that community is bigger than the Versus one.

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It’s not. Regardless of the amount of complaints on the PvP side of Gears it is most certainly bigger. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but there isn’t a single dedicated PvE streamer for Gears 5. Not to say twitch is a good outlet to base numbers off of but its just an observation.

The only cool limited skin PvE got (besides horror lizzie which isn’t even good) was Heroic Vemon which isn’t even limited unlike the Master skins which cannot be obtained anymore. All of the prototype weapons are limited to PvP. Events for PvP are given out by weekly while PvE will see an event every month or so. PvE leaderboards have been broken forever but the moment PvP ones broke they got fixed immediately (few weeks by TC standards lol)

I could continue but I’ve made my point clear

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TC has the player numbers so it is all speculation. Maybe it is regional but I feel I run into the same players when playing Competitive and events.

I mean its all a speculation but when you know that TC will never give out the exact numbers (probably due to Microsoft contract) you can only assume, guess and wonder. We’ll never get the honest truth from TC on matters like this lets be honest.

Also noticed how so many of the general skins were Swarm characters which PvE players cannot use lol? its all kind of one sided imo but PvE does get some content.

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Could argue the PvP events are easier to come up with because most of them just shuffle weapon spawns and other settings, which is fairly simple to set up, I would imagine.

What kills me inside is that TC is just going to kill off basically any noteworthy support for the game at this point, and they’re never going to return to Gears 5 at any point in time, or I very much suspect they won’t considering how messy the Locust enemies are and how Op 5 was the only actually noteworthy release for every aspect. Sure, 6, 7 and 8 still came with maps, characters and skins but I can hardly name anything positive that really stuck out to me for them.

They could take a page out of 343s book with how they went back to MCC some time after Halo 5s release and are/were still supporting it(not up to date as I haven’t really gotten into the MP parts of Halo for 1-4 and just dabbled in 5s) with them working on Infinite and all that, but unless Gears 6 flops horribly on Halo 5 levels of bellyflopping from a 10 meter high diving tower, I never see Gears 5 getting any further relevant changes or fixes because they don’t care and the playerbase probably won’t be there at that point either unless something exists that drives everyone back to it.

PS Drone Elites still suck. Especially since the Op 3 or 4 AI change that makes them, and every other type of Swarm/Locust Drone armed with a rifle botwalk EVERYWHERE while shooting until they find a cover to sit on. Also something TC NEVER even once mentioned in any patch notes nor commented on whether intended or a bug they always ignored like many other things.

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The content/skins really doesn’t tell us much because we got a PvP skin from a PvE event.

I feel like this is only half true. Have you seen their scheduled eSports calendar? On top of that there is that news about a new tuning for PvP coming out soon even though Drop 2 OP8 was supposed to be the last bit of content?

TC goes back on a lot of things they say, just like that tuning that is suppose to be the final one… I say don’t let it bother you too much. I’d rather they put resources into Gears 6 but at the same time don’t just expect fans to play 5 for 4yrs with no changes what so ever lol.

Only issue is this isn’t 343. I follow MCC news and content and its playerbase. We’re similar but Halo players still beat us to the supportive punch and much more active community.

In my opinion they probably think everyone plays both PvE and PvP which is a magical wonderland that does not exist.


I did say they won’t unless there’s a mass exodus of players back to 5 if 6 is so bad that most won’t play it. Even then I’d consider it unlikely. Point was they’re not going to go back to fix 5 because the playerbase won’t be there, in 99% of scenarios. And of course staff numbers also matter, or the fact that they keep leaving, whether for personal pursuits in different workplaces(that might sound negative but isn’t meant as such) or contracts expiring.

You do have a point about the community support. I do see a lot of - usually justified - ■■■■■■■■ about the game(and TC, but some of that crosses a boundary I wouldn’t). Although that probably has something to do with the number of players too, not helped by some, if not a lot, being driven away by the horrid launch period Gears 5 had and that still has some lingering after effects to this day, even if most of those things were fixed by the time Op 5 was out.

And as far as support goes, eSports also carried on in Gears 4 up until the first few months of that game’s third year. Maybe also had some events in that time period too. Plus 6 is probably at least two years out, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to end eSports for 5 already when there won’t be a scene for 6 anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean it will bring anything for us “plebs”. And if it does, that’s going to be PvP stuff and I think it’s common knowledge I’m not touching it with a ten foot pole and horses dragging me by now.

I dont really think theyre that bad. Their tbow downing me through stim is kinda weird but other than that I think the Palace Guards provide a different kind of challenge. You dont know if they’ll have a different weapon if you run up on them. From my experience only the Tbow Guards pick up weapons, not the lancer Guards. I think its funny to see a Guard running around with a gun they scavenged, especially seeing one waddle around with a Salvo or Buzzkill lol

On Frenzy (1-50s used to be like this until the Lambent update) I prefer to get Palace Guards because that’s the only “Army” that a Swarmak will spawn on. I definitely understand how they can be annoying though. A Lancer Guard crossing you down in like 2 bullets in the later waves is kinda nutty lol

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Honestly same, i just want them to put some more work into 6, which wont be coming out for some time, and personally that’s a good thing. I think a little update here and there for gears 5 every couple months could be nice if they are that crunched on people power.

If that tuning is actually coming out soon, I’d have another reason to still play gears 5 lol.