To TC: review for new settings. The good, bad, and the ugly

  • Shotgun BB pattern keep.
  • Maps, not bad. keep.
  • ranking points keep.

110% change

  • EVERYTHING you guys slowed down, undo all that. the game is so slow and takes away from the games fast pace origin and as community we are largely against the slower movements, weapons swap, and sticking to walls now.

  • matching up players by skill needs to happen. as a master tier player I keep getting matched up with bronze players on my team that go 3-25. it’s not fair to me to carry them and lose games because of it. it’s not fair to the noob low tier players either. poor guys just gets destroyed and frankly just piss me off.

it would be nice to show the players rank instead of what re-up they are on. Seems like most of the community doesn’t pay attention to that all.

  • SKINS! While we love weapons skins. Many are on the lookout for Tier based Character skins like gears 4 had. We would love to have the Diamond skin carmine back. Even better for this season should be a Master skin carmine. I mean really spend the time and make it killer!!! like dragon armor Master skin would be awesome!!!

Just wondering how this is an “official” review…?


Fast pace origin? Gears 5 was originally slower. Then it sped up in Operation 2. Now it’s sort of in between. So it’s technically still faster overall than it was at launch. IMO they’ve found a pretty good balance and they should stick with it. Enough with the changes.

Please don’t speak for the community…and let’s not act like this community agrees on anything anyway.


Pictured skin clearly says “Diamond Gear”… and looks nothing like Carmine.

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Moved the word official so people don’t think this review is affiliated with TC.


the word was mostly for click bait. However the feedback was from the majority of players that I came in contact with. it was a summarized to keep and what to go away with

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I wish I could post this on the 5-6 new negative threads we get daily.


This game is slower than at launch by a mile. The only thing tht is slightly faster is strafing. Everything is SLOWER. EVERYTHING.
if you like this input lag fest. Im srry but 98% DONT WANT THIS GAME IN THIS STATE.
I just want a game tht is consistent and plays smooth. When i press an input. I dont want a delay. I dont want to wait for my character to catch up my hands and by no means am i a hyper bouncer. I could move well enough to escape and get a few kills. I dont want to walk everywhere. Shooting over cover ( pop shotting) is soooo slow now.

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Thanks for being honest about it and adjusting the title. I just dislike it when people use the word “official” and apply it to their own views. :sunglasses:


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You are officially a D-bag

I so agree. it reaaly hurts both parties. i get to slive just to be destoyed and sent back to bronze 3 or lower.

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3 Weapon skins? I thought there was 1 per rank? 6? Plus the Hivebuster one technically.

On a personal note, I would far more prefer a returm of flash bangs and an unbuff of the current lancer. A lot, if not most of the maps, especially for playing KOTH, weren’t designed with the idea of a never ending active assault rifle clip. Too much open ground to cover to get to a hill. Some hills have become impossible to retake now w/o a flash and with everyones clip being so large. Im fine w/ leaving flashes out of tdm, but they are a necessary evil for KOTH. Either that or gives us the smoke/stun from 4. Im fine w/keeping everything content wise/map wise for OP 3, but I wouldnt mind a revert back to the last 2 weeks of OP 2.