TO TC.. Biggest Concerns & Can We Get More Maps?

I’m not going rip this game like a bunch of other people in here.
Overall, I think the game is a solid 9. I have three concerns as a long time Gears Player.

I would really appreciate some feedback from moderators or someone at TC about these concerns.

  1. Hip fire is tweaked too high. I’ve seen numerous circumstances where a player who hip fires, doesn’t even have their aim marker on the person and it still hits the player and most of the time one shot kills them. This is most frustrating when squaring up a hard aim shot that is directly on the players upper torso/head and it doesn’t kill them, but then their badly aimed hip fire destroys you. This should really be addressed.

  2. The lack of maps. Even if we have to wait a few months for new maps. Can’t we get some old maps mixed in to the playlists? Some maps from Gears 2, 3 and 4? Is that not feasible for some reason? The game suffers greatly from lack of map variety.

  3. The reward system is also a bit disappointing. Gears 4 it was a lot more fun because you always knew there was a chance of getting new player skins or weapon skins. I’ve been grinding and re-upped once already, haven’t gotten one new player skin. I’ve gotten maybe two weapon skins. Most of the rewards are Banners and Markers which is extremely underwhelming. And the trickle of iron is way too low. It seems the game has adopted the fortnite model which is disappointing because many of us paid 50-60 dollars for this game and fortnite is a free game. All you have to do is pay 10 dollars and you get to see all your rewards you’ll get by leveling up.

It seems a bit unfair to charge 50-60 dollars and then have a reward system that is very similar to the FREE version of Fortnite.