To play or not to play Gears

Are there any people here who have stopped playing GoW entirely ? I’m tired of its issues and I always say I will stop playing it but I always end up playing it again. Maybe by not purchasing gears 5 I think that would help. Gears was the only reason I had an xbox and I don’t want to be negative but I don’t think Gears 5 will be any better. for those that still play how do you do it ? Lol I lose my mind every time .

I barely play gow 4 anymore but when I do I try playing tdm with different weapon or warzone for some excitement. Guardian i n rare occasions

I miss Gnasher fights. The Simplicity that Gears used to be is what I miss. I just need to understand that nothing stays the same and Gears needs to change so its ok. Thats what happened to CoD and Halo they all changed so I might just end up not paying any more and play other games.

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That’s what Iwould recommend. Time away from gears will do you good. Haven’t played gow 4 since thursday . Been having a blast playing street fighter and fallout 4. Heck I get more joy visiting the forums.

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not just time I mean permanently

I’m not really a gamer so if I do play, it’s mostly gears. I love Gears. TBH, half the time I appear offline so friends won’t bug me and I just practice wallbouncing and reaction shots in a private lobby. I love the movement. I’m just not wild about the toxic community, the garbage connections, etc. Sometimes just chilling and practicing movement on bots is more fun than sweating ranked matches.


I think I have played every day apart from maybe 10 days since release.

I have uninstalled at least 3 times due to total frustration, in my awfulness and the games awfulness. I always reinstall a few hours later though.

As for “how do you do it” I swear A LOT, at and to myself luckily :wink:

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Oh god yes the toxicity community idk how i forgot that. Definitelysomething i wont miss

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Don’t think Gears as a core changed, community exploded after Gears 3 2015, and as a result, it has some new faces

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I’ll give them a bit of slack because this is their first gears. (I don’t really count UE because its just a remaster so they didnt really have much to do)

All I hope is they just realize all of the mistakes they made with this one and try to do better.

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I am still playing every day since release every day. I had a break of 8 months in 2017 because I had some problems in life. But now for 7 months straight I played every single day again. I am a total Gears 4 addict playing every day. I have a play time of 53 days in Versus. I just love Gears, it has a gameplay which no other game can give to me. It is so unique from any other game which makes it the best game for me atm. and for over 8 years now.

Of course I will buy Gears 5 even it will cost me 100 bucks again. I never spent money on any pack though and I never will.


Damn some of yall are real gear heads sticking through the rough terrain its cool to see some people actually still like GoW despite the all the issues. I remember when i had that same fire in me for Gears. Reallly realllly hope Gears 5 changes my mind.

Play DooM if you have not already.

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I understand the frustration of people with all these issues. I personally do not think that the issues are killing it, it’s TC’s lack of openness in what can cause issues and what they’re doing to fix it – And then instantly change everything in another patch two months later. We’re left hanging a lot of the time. We get the odd update it’s nice but doesn’t feel like a complete reason. – Been playing Gears since it’s first launch and I still love it as much today. I’m chill as fudge though so I let a lot pass over me. As many people do mention on the Forums here Gears 3 was near perfect. If you just keep that Gears will also have a trademark feel that will carry onward with the series. Oppose to “It sort of feels like Gears but nothing works”. If you lot are wanting to chill on Gears but not actually play it or play with like-minded person. I was streaming it a moment ago (Every Wednesday unless work//Schedule may change to Tuesday) you’re welcome to come along to it and join the games. Shameless Twitter link here:

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Heard good things from doom. Not much lately ill definitelycheck out some gameplay tho!

I know man they say theyre always working on fixes and i believe it but it never changes or its something random that had nothing to do with the issue in the first place. I think their main concern is the esports portion. Thats where their main money is coming from.

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Played since the begining…even stuck it out with Gears 2 connection issues…I’m not going anywhere…even with all this bull$h*t…These guys (TC) need to just learn from Gears 3.

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I been playing the game a good 2-3 hours a day mostly verses for the ruby scion challenge which i barely hit 50% today. I play rank with my friends too and help them get achievements. I’m done playing horde though already have 300k credits and going to hit wings 5 (just need 20 more levels ups) After i get the challenge I think I’m done with the game.

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i haven’t played in a while but will jump back on in the morning to see if anything has changed.

Don’t care about weapons skins, i just want to have fun