To get new game,something may have togo

If your xbox one has not got a big HD then you may have to delete something to get G5 on your system,so what would you delete to do this?I have to delete GOW4 which i may not do,i spent alot of real money on extra content and deleting the game like throwing a 1000.00 dallors away.(I only have the 500 gig model)(and as you know gow4 is over 100gigs itself).So how easy it for any of you to buy pricy extra content and dump it, just to get the next game and have to buy it all again?Between gear packs and black steel packs it adds up fast.

For me personally, very easy.

For others, I can understand but then again, games like these have a set shelf life, so it’s not totally unexpected.

People are still trying to buy skins in the game and that means they are willing to buy and use content for another two months or so!


Gears 4 is dead already, cannot wait to uninstall and actually play a game that finds matches.

Whatever you delete can be download again any time and as all saves are cloud you will lose no data.
So delete what you are not playing at the moment.

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I have all Gears downloaded all the time., as I may fancy playing different modes and maps. Never delete Gears :wink:

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Aren’t customisation content linked to your gamertag? So if you delete the game from your hard drive storage, and later download it again, the custom skins automatically appear in your inventory?

I personally have an external hard drive. I’d suggest you invest in one too. It’s less bother having to download and reinstall stuff which takes time. I just like the optuon of picking up any game I own and playing it without any extra wait. I mean, who’s to say I still want to play the game I had chose earlier after having to wait 45 minutes to reinstall it?

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You wouldn’t lose anything by deleting and re-downloading.

Maybe you can get an external hard drive. I dont have to delete anything cauae I have a external HDD of 1 TB

I think I have 1 TB because it says I had around 500+ GB left. I have a few large file size games which I don’t play anymore, so it’s quite easy to know, which to uninstall. And also Gears 4 as well.

Well Gears 4 will be gone mid August for me. I only spent probably 50.00 max on content (not including the game itself). I’ll have maybe 2-3 more games I will delete as well because i’ll need space for Borderlands 3. No need to buy any external hard drives at the moment.

Yuck. This thread is vile.

How so? Seemed like everyone was just discussing how they would make room for gears 5 with limited space.

I keep every Gears on my HD at all times. I delete other games to make room for Gears.

To answer your question you don’t actually lose anything you have if you delete it. It’s stored on the cloud or something so all you’d have to do is redownload it or in the case of Characters, they’ll always be on your profile. So you can rest easy that you won’t lose anything if you have to delete Gears 4 to make room for 5

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Storage is so cheap these days. Go on Newegg. I tripled my wife’s Xbox storage for $50. The space Gears 5 will take up is equivalent to about $5 usd.


4TB Western Digital external is $99 everyday and frequently less. I have two and will buy another soon.

I’d love to go SSD, but those are a little pricey still.

A fan of Newegg though. They frequently run Xbox gift card deals and Xbox accessories for deals.


Gears 4 isnt dead; i find KOTH matches within ten seconds and TDM within 2 minutes. The other modes are dead though, to be fair.

I deleted gears from like early November to late April because I got sick of it freezing