To Dev Technical Team : Bring Gears editor in UE5

in gears of war 1 pc physical copy we had access to unreal engine editor for gears of war, i would like to ask coalition make a collaboration with epic and bring this feature to unreal engine 5 editor ( like conan exiles ) so we can make our maps, characters and even story , this could be the game changer for us as fan.


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If they had a different marketing system, this would make sense. It’s difficult to see them letting players make their own skins, when they want to sell skins.

That’s probably why it’s pretty difficult to mod on PC. Otherwise, we’d already have character skins, voices, etc as options to be added or altered.

it’s doable if they let players sell their content such as skin in gears 6 fan hub market place menu, and the percentage of selling product shares between epic, coalition and creator. like 20 percent epic 45% coalition and 35% content creator. it’s a triple win.
maybe it’s easy on paper but it’s doable.

Very convoluted and costly to keep up with as a publisher

tim sweeny confirmed they bring unreal editor this year for fortnite, so why not for next gears game.
2021 Year in Review | Inside Unreal - YouTube.

people can do crazy things like this besides modding.

I seriously doubt they would allow that level of crowdsourcing.
Doesn’t matter how much money or loyalty it would get them.