To deebee or not deebee,confused

So is the DB shown in the new char line a cog or swarm variant?After seeing more video of it, i’m still not sure which side this blue deebee if for.

Considering the DB is listed as a “Hero”(as much as you can apply that term to a machine/robot…), it’s fairly safe to say it’s on the COG side.

Wouldn’t surprise me if a Reject variant for the Swarm came along eventually… even though Rejects are just disturbing looking abominations.

The DBi is for the cog side. It’s qualified as a “HERO” in the section when it was getting overviewed.
The swarm enemies and General RAAM are qualified as “VILLIAN”

Well it does look like the boot camp and early campain models.

I dont know if you played the campaign or not but that would explain why it’s qualified as a Hero this time.

Before, DBi units were sent from Jinn after Kait, Del, and JD because they were “enemies of the state” - Quote from Damon Baird.

Now that Del, Kait, And JD have joined the COG ever since discussing the swarm threat with Jinn they’re no longer qualified as enemies to the protagonists anymore.

Unfortunately though, there are some DBi units that were left behind in the story mode that still think JD, Kait, and Del are still enemies. “Stand down Deebee, Why won’t it listen?” - James D. Fenix