To crybaby players

Ok then.

Wow how could I have forgotten. To think ive been meleeing this whole time.

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get gud is all I gotta say.


So how long before he threatens to quit playing gears 5,because o what a tragic loss that would or will be.

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I always use Breaker Mace Marcus when I want to melee. It’s very effective against crybaby team mates too! They instantly understand what I’m trying to tell them. :smiley:


If somebody that has mulcher skill cards gets upset that you’re not a team player then they should quit instead of being immature.
You still should’ve won though. If it’s easy enough to not feel stupid using the wrong weapon then it’s easy enough to start using the right one once reality sets in

Well to be fair though, even if the mulcher is stolen.
Intentionally blocking shots is just as ■■■■■■.

But the topic is still ironic.

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I’m fine with it. Only as long as you EARNED that weapon from a warden.


Earned the mulcher as infiltrator? As Kait? As infiltrator? Then got mad because someone else wanted it? Or that you cannot manage your ammo/shots effectively?


Learn how to play the game before going off on one.

I’m so glad my game time is slowly winding down until I completely finish. It’s getting like a blocked toilet bowl.

I swear to god I find these threads EVERYTIME I GET BACK ON THE FORUMS!



Come on Sparkles. These are what you come here for. Right? It must be.

Ya know.

Ya got a point Mr. Wakey.

I do somewhat enjoy reading braindead idiots threads.

But at the same time I ■■■■■■■ despise them.

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I loose brain cells every time I come here…and play Gears 5 lately.

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This thread has run its course,


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