To any and all Generals

Do remember to if possible keep three 3 star objectives in ur daily objectives when ToD2 launches , so u get a very fast 9 star boost when it launches. (N whatever ur reroll happens to be) so a fast 10 stars day 1 easy. Minimal

I know this is more or less obvious, but ive met a few people who have not thought about this… so I just wanted to remind u all…TC made a terrible system, so take advantage of it when possible.

We boost fast, we boost well… gl out there soldiers! Remember, U are the support!


Lol, 1 general is enough for me, zero plans to even look at the ToD objectives in future operations :slight_smile:


Mostly was just in it for the achievement myself, the Team Rock and Gilded skins are all I could ever ask for with weapon skins. Only thing worth grinding for would be Onyx Guard next operation and I’m hoping it’s not too far into the TOD - knowing TC it will probably be near the end though.


I have to admit the team rock skins were a nice surprise, and I am using a few of those (keeping most others as black phantom from GoW4)…

Onyx guard would prob be his base skin, so a totem…

TC confirmed Onyx Guard is an earnable variant for the COG soldier and is part of Operation 2’s TOD.

@Omen_LP Agreed, a few nice surprises from the current TOD. Yet I don’t want to do a full one again, because it really seems to sap the enjoyment out of the game personally.


cool, I know a lot of people have been asking for the onyx guard…

Personally the female COG is what I’m playing - I think it’s the same voice actress as the BS Medic and the EDay Gear from GoW4, where were my favorite characters to play as (partially because of the voice and lines). If they included a really COOL Swarm character in ToD2 and IF I felt the game was changing towards something I could love again, I might be tempted to try and get that…
Savage (noneck) lacust granadier elite… Maybe some Kantus variant (didn’t like the savage one, but the original Kantus and the hunter armored ones were cool)… We’ll see…

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There will no doubt be people complaining that they have unlocked the Onyx Guard but can’t equip the skin because they haven’t unlocked the COG Gear yet. :grinning:


O neat, i didnt know that… i dont listen to tc… stream wise i mean… they are awfully boring to watch.


Even if you get 10000 iron as General in TOD2?

Yeah I don’t watch their livestreams either, but Onyx Guard info is all the way at the bottom.

@Bleeding_Pepper and on that day I’m sure @ll_R_E_D_l will inform them of our handy search feature…assuming he’s still around by then.


Or you can just do what real Gears fans do and spend money rerolling objectives all day long! /s

Sad thing is there are idiots that will do that! Gotta get those dresses!

Ya i dont often get a chance to read em cause im wasting my time speedrunning doom or something lol

Got to get off my butt n open my tabs one day lol

I never thought of this, thanks for the tip.

what would I spend it on? I don’t care about any marks, banners, I find chrome steel completely visually unappealing, and I have characters I like…

10,000 iron = $100, lol, they won’t give that out anyway… last ToD had what? 500 iron total? that;'s $5. If there is something I want to get for $5, I’ll buy it, I won’t grind the ToD…

Yeah unless tod2 has an original gears of war character to unlock at general I won’t be worrying too much about getting my 2nd general. I have enough kait del and JD skins now thanks TC…

U do realize this post is not about getting general in ToD 2. Its just for if there is a skin or whatever u may want, n starting with a minimal of 10 stars on day 1 will speed the process up…


Thanks for the heads up!!

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Not a fan of this attitude especially when you don’t even know what’s coming!!!

Hopefully u get 12 stars with first reroll on day one n theres something u want in ToD2!

Im hopin we all get 12 stars lol n theres least 1 good thing minimal for everyone.

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