To All the Quitters "Not Buying" Gears 5 due to the 90 Day Ban... Good Riddance

(XXIHooliganIXX) #1

You hurt the community by quitting and we don’t want you on the game anyway! xD

(TheDeuterostome) #2

Exactly! Good bye ■■■■■■■!

(Circa Darkrage) #3

Indeed they do.

Thank you TC for taking a harsher approach on quitters!

(Vanden255) #4

Sounds like they already spent a lot of time actively not playing Gears anyway.

(Eddieboy66) #5

Holy ■■■■ when did they implement this?

(LesserWarrior) #6

agree with you 100% good bye haha.

(Dead Fallout 96) #7

Umm what if those people who got a 3 month ban (which is just wayy too many days and people won’t ever bother playing the game again and play something better) were disconnected from the game and got the penalty for something that wasn’t their fault? This doesn’t make things better, it just makes things worse and make the game have a much lower player count. 1514188665339

(Homunculus Fury) #8

Is this enforced on all game modes or just competitive?

(Doveypwns) #9

If you leave and rejoin the penalty is cleared after finishing your next game. The 90 day ones are people leaving games and not rejoining consistently

(TheDeuterostome) #10

I will take a lower quanity population than a larger one full of quitters!

(TC Octus) #11

Hey everyone. Going to close this thread - we appreciate you’re happy with the changes but our Quitters have already been punished for their actions. We don’t want to encourage other player’s attacking them.

I got suspended for 75 days I play frequently, it's my favorite game but I suspended and idk why please help me
Thank you for banning quitters
(TC Octus) #12