Title Update: You sure they didnt change anything in MP?

Finally got the hang of new feel
Doing quite well, onyx 2 in koth
First time playing after title update
things have gone to sh*t despite no changes to MP
I can barely kill anyone by myself no matter what i do. Almost seems the game is forcing me to do

Dropped from onyx 2 to silver 3 in 4-5 matches

So i just got to play the new title update today and ive read there have been no changes to MP
But i think that might not be true based on the simple fact that


Just when i think i got the hang of the game this happens

  • Medium range gnasher shots having only 5 pellets register (no Im not missing, i can see the bullet holes behind them)
  • Shots not registering at all (ive seen the pellet marks fade away but no damage was done)
  • Point blanks doing 60-70%, id be lucky to get 97%
  • Getting gibbed and downed at twice the distance i can
  • Gnasher beyond 3ft is a marshmallow shooter, i shoot first, get 3 full shots in and get downed in 2.
  • Full lancer clips not downing anyone
  • Boltok and Longshot hitting anywhere but the head
  • People warping gnahser shots 90 degrees around cover
    Etc etc

It’s like everyone just seems to be immune to bullets

This game has its issues but this is a whole new level of bad. if it wasnt for teammates i would have barely any eliminations at all
I dropped from onyx 2 to silver 3 in 4-5 games.

The fact that i get mvp regularly, almost always in the top 3 for kills, and be in onyx 2 despite losing quite a few matches (thanks teammates) especially with this system means it’s not just a git gud situation.

Any idea on whats happening?

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Not having the same issues sorry to hear the game isn’t working for u

I understand. It’s prob the pings or lag to be honest. Just hang in there is all I can say. This game is pretty much a joke. Try not to take it seriously and just play for the sake of fun or to mess around…although it isn’t much fun to be honest.

Also as you rank up a lot players get up there in rank by being bullet sponges lol. It’s the truth. So expect it as you get better. Some people just get better by continuously having crap connections.

As I’ve already said try not to take the game seriously…the tuning and everything else is a joke imo and you’re only gonna frustrate yourself thinking the game is okay in its current state.

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Not taking it seriously sounds easy enough but it’s definitely infuriating at times, especially when things like this happen.

The thing is is that i did better when i got to the higher ranks and i found people to be less spongy but i guess that’s no longer true

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Yeah I’m telling you while also telling myself lol. I agree, it is infuriating.

I have a lot of the issues that you have. I play 95 % On American servers 130+ ping and I almost can’t do ■■■■, while others have God mode with that ping. Shots don’t come out, same distance I shoot first other person shoots then I die and get 90%. Shoots don’t come out or massive delays. People not looking at me and kill me. A couple Lancer bullets I’m dead, I can fire a hole clip and nothing lol. It is really weird. On 10 to 50 ping I get less bs but on high ping unplayable

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