Title Update 10 patch notes


See below for the patch notes for the Title Update coming at 4:00 am PT on Monday, October 12. The store and our new Versus event will then refresh a few hours later (around 6:00 am PT) – keep an eye for an early morning This Week in Gears on Monday.

As a reminder, a significant part of the is update is to prepare Gears 5 for the launch of Xbox Series X|S but we also addressed a few outstanding issues. There will be a much larger and more comprehensive update coming in conjunction with Operation 5.


  • Fixed an issue in FFA where the Gnasher set in the incorrect slot.
  • Fixed an issue where users may experience a Connection Timed Out error when joining in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character does not properly attach to the turret on the Map abyss when mounting it the first time.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where Users were starting a match in spectator mode.
  • Fixed an issue in Horde where the player was no longer able to take cover after button input.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the player was seeing pellet decals on their opponent when their shot has been dusted.
  • Fixed an issue in Guardian where if a player leaves before the round ends, the team with the missing player will not receive a leader the following round.
  • Fixed an issue with achievement ‘I’m Rubber, You’re Glue!’ where kills completed with bleeding from the Reflect Shredder skill card does not add progress to achievement.
  • Fixed a scoring issue where eliminating a downed enemy is counted as an execution.
  • Fixed an issue in Ranked where the opposing team player names that are hidden in the lobby were visible in the social panel.
  • Fixed a UI issue where the rejoin tile is missing art asset in Versus.


  • Fixed an issue on Checkout where Juvies get stuck on top of shelves in center of map during a Horde match.
  • Fixed an issue in Escape – The Gatekeepers where the Matriarch charges into invisible wall in second act.
  • Fixed an issue on Allfathers Arena where the Embar and the Boomshot spawn at the beginning of the match in FFA.


  • Fixed an audio issue where if the user is DBNO’d while performing a Trishot execution, Sound will persist until killed.
  • Fixed an issue where the end of round animation in Versus does not have unique audio stinger.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where the Kestral does not despawn after crash sequence for client players.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where the ‘Jack AI – Cloak- Faster Recharge’ the recharge time of effect is the same after upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where the ‘Jack AI – Stim – Faster Recharge’ the recharge time of effect is same after upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where the ‘Jack AI – Stim – Duration’ the duration of effect is same after upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where users will crash OOM when accessing City POI Encounter when playing through Certain Overworld Paths in 2P Splitscreen.
  • Fixed an issue in Act 2 Chapter 1 of the Campaign where the player is able to control character during Intro Cinematic and then spawns in Broken map.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where the Screen has permanent red tint in the beginning of Act 2 Chapter 2 Into The Wild after Checkpoint Load.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where the game may crash when playing through ACT III and entering/leaving City POI.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where Gears 5 on Xbox One crashes OOM in Satellite during a full playthrough.
  • Fixed an issue where Samantha Byrne character model experience clipping issues in Expressions.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where the cinematic displayed a split-screen of skybox instead of cinematic, when continuing from Facility playthrough.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where enemy physics stretch and fly across playing field in Act 2.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where upon death during desert storm in act 3, Drones body distorts and stretches out.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign in ACT 2 – Chapter 4: The Source of it all where enemy meshes stretch out when killed in front of cave to east comm tower.
  • Fixed a localization issue where the Gears 5 and Gears 2 curbstomp execution isn’t translated for the Boltok and Talon.
  • Fixed a localization issue in Free for All where the 14 player game mode isn’t translated in any language other than English.
  • Fixed a localization issue in Quickplay Free for All the 8 players tile wasn’t translated.
  • Fixed a localization issue where the Breaker execution chopping block wasn’t translated in any language other than English.
  • Fixed a localization issue where the Pizza and Cosmic set weren’t translated in the store.
  • Fixed a localization issue so the UI language is no longer truncated.
  • Fixed a localization issue where text was being displayed vertically.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where the game was unplayable after resuming from Suspended state.
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to enable DEV mode in retail by changing select files on their local disk.
  • Fixed a crash issue on the Xbox One when removing a splitscreen user from squad.
  • Fixed an issue in campaign Co-op Split Screen where P2 is controlling P1’s input in the Menus and in Game.
  • Fixed an issue in Steam where the user is unable to sign out of account from the Social Panel on Steam.
  • Fixed an issue in Campaign where creating a new game on a previously used save slot will not clear the previous data.
  • Fixed as issue in Campaign where selecting a previous save slot in a custom lobby will always result in a normal campaign lobby at Act 1 Chapter 1.
  • Fixed an issue where the store often hitches when scrolling between tabs.
  • Fixed a UI issue in Escape where users that are DBNO aren’t shown as “Down Arrow” icon on overhead map or minimap.
  • Fixed a UI issue where Skill card crafting continues to upgrade after user lets go of upgrade button in Horde/Escape setup screen.
  • Fixed a UI issue in Campaign where if the Player picks up a weapon or ammo and then reloads checkpoint while the pickup is still displayed in the left corner, the message persists until they pick up the same ammo type.

So you’re telling me Grace is impossible to fix?

I made a post about this neuterization on August 5th. What is that SixtySome Days?

Edit: They Fixed her up nice, in a way i find really pleasing. TC is officially back in my good graces.

During a match though Cole lit his fire while i was swatting a matriarch, and he blew up my mace, so thats a bummer, but i think i could live with that as her remaining boons even the debt.


All this garbage for Versus and the promised Lahni/Mac buffs are still too much to ask for.


Man, T.C. really likes to disappoint



That’s wack.


Major bummer.


I find it interesting that so many campaign issues are noted. Not the big one, but quite a number.

Makes me think campaign achievements might be incoming.


Happy that I can finally play campaign ,big thank you TC

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This is great! I can finally equip my reflect shredder card to quickly kill enemies from bleed. This achievement just became less tedious and could now be completed much sooner.

I didn’t want this to be fixed!
It was pretty funny watching juvies climb shelves, asserting their dominance by having ‘The high ground’.

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Well, there’s the DLC to come.



So does this mean it’s fixed and you haven’t tried, or TC thinks they fixed it and forgot to tell anyone, so people have not tried to see if it actually works?

Fixed clays bleed not working for I’m rubber your glue- good

Fixed the ability to see who you where playing in ranked by using the social menu- bad


bug fixes at this stage of development (1 year after launch) are what I consider low priority, nevermind that some of the more gamebreaking ones like the infamous getting out of map glitch and bastions aren’t even in this so its not too relevant at this point.

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Well, as @BChaps accurately said in his stream recap, people shouldn’t have expected big fixes to come with this TU and rather expect them with Op 5.

Minor pet peeve : No mention of fixing the Skiff lockers ‘eating’ weapons in Act 2 and 3 when we got a bunch of Campaign fixes.


Wow, I really wonder what people managed to achieve with the DEV mode.


So they not fixed the issue where vold raam and Theron’s head don’t move when taking cover instead they look into your soul all the time? I know it’s a minor thing but it bugs me quite a bit

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I wa quite surprised with the number of campaign fixes though.
That was a very welcome sportier)surprise

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Title update 10 and still no fix on the Imagos obnoxiously loud breathing when in the roady run.


Tested it this morning after seeing your post, and no, there is still no bleed on the breaker mace in her hands.

They might have ‘fixed’ (term used loosely) the bleeding barrier thing, but the character is still basically null and void.

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