The first title update was released today.

It includes literally no gameplay updates, no balancing updates, no adjustments to matchmaking, which is where the franchise gained its loyal player base.

The ‘title update’ doesn’t include a fix for the EU server issue. As a long time gears supporter, This is simply unacceptable, the game is unplayable for EU players, which is a HUGE number of the general players. I’ve always played each release because I’m loyal to the franchise and what the original GoW was.

I’ve completely lost faith and this game has become nothing more than a hollow shell of it’s former self.

I’ve waited long enough for this game to be repaired as I could see potential, but the lack of updates and the generally gross, money grabbing attitude the TC has completely ruined the game for me, along with the franchise.

I’m not just some terrible random player that picked up the game last week, been playing since gow1, which I played at a high competitive level. I’m master in KOTH on this game, but who cares. This game is trash and everybody knows it. I’ve better games to play now, it’s not like there’s nothing out to pay, the TC don’t seem to understand that.

I’m out, ■■■■ this game and ■■■■ the TC and their incompetence.

I have to agree that the title update didn’t really fix anything and it only brought in more bugs. The showing of re up level is nice but it only appears in the main menu? That’s the only thing I’ve noticed