Title Update 1.5 (Stuck On Title Screen)

I just installed the new title update and It’s frozen from the moment I open the page. This has never happened to me before on any gears game ever. I wonder if there are other people expiriencing this. I have the digital version and it was working fine yesterday prior to installing the tilte 1.5 update.

ps. I have tried restarting it multiple times and nothing works.

An update just came out and already it’s not working. If I may quote a catch phrase from another game I play.
“Pretty good job so far” >.>

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Tried playing for 30 mins after the update. 7 crashes to dashboard. 1 hard reset. 3 infinite loading screens. They broke it

ha. classic. Microsoft better find a replacement for TC because they are killing one of their only exclusives.

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I posted this because I wanted to know if anyone else had this same issue. I have not seen any posts about it so maybe im just unlucky this time around or it did not download correctly. I might just play gears 4 for a while until the next update.

Also on the rare occasion I load into a game, returning to menu ALWAYS leads to Mr Blue Screen. Also known as Back out, restart game. This should count to Seriously 5.0. 20 re-ups, 50 hard restarts. Bunch of amateurs

Closing per original posters request.