Tired. Sick. Just feedback

Everybody is complaining and I ask myself if they are thinking they would do a good job.

Gears 1 was my favourite game. I played Quake 3 Arena for a long time but lost interest in playing video games after that. After years I was coming back for Gears 1…. It was a masterpiece. Gears 2 had the same style. Gloomy. There was a golden hammerburst and lancer for gears 2. That’s it.

And now they are adding skins for +/- 10 bucks each every week. They don’t care about technical issues. Most of the people who played Gears 5 found several bugs in 1 day. There was a time where bugs have been fixed in beta status. I have to ask myself: Are they blind or are they just ignoring bugs?

It is unacceptable that we have to pay full price and get “trash” and the only thing that is working is the shop with overprized cosmetics. I don’t care about skins, banners and this stuff. I want to get content. Story content like in Gears 3 (RAAM’s shadow). Now you get a skin for this price. You can’t be greedy if you can’t release a working title.

I can’t understand the hype about Fortnite. But people spend money when they are enjoying the game. And who can enjoy Gears 5 with server issues like yesterday, game breaking issues in campaign and horde.
Do I get my boost back for yesterday? They are quiet and keep your money.
They are ignoring fans. The omen is still bad. Yes. We are less complaining but we are just tired. The curb stomp looks so bad. We wanted the curb stomp back but this execution is trash now. And I am also missing the old headshot sound.

They can’t fix the bug in Gears UE, they can’t fix the bugs in Gears 4 for pc players (story related achievements don’t unlock) and …yes, I am a fool… I thought Gears 5 would be better but it is worse. Some developers should go back to games like “pong” if there is no “passion” in developing their games.

I will have to find a new franchise. They don’t really care about their titles. So do I.


It’s trash, end of a saga

Can literally feel how sad you feel in this post =(. I’m there with you my friend. It’s a knife being twisted in all our backs to see this happening before our eyes.

If I win the lottery I will look you up and we will make an entire new franchise just like gears. Make it a fan owned franchise and put all this behind us =).