Tired of Solo to say the least

so my skill level is to say the least decent but i feel like a joke when playing solo 75% of the time or even when im running with my one other friend on my list that i play with cause its a non stop matching with 5 stack squads and again to say the least WRECKED is how i feel… so im looking for 18+ ppl to get on and we become the 5 stack i play every game type and mode… just want ppl to have a moc and actually communice and have fun joking with eachother on top of giving the opponents we are against a run for there money my gamer tag is … Kaotic Rage

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I’ve recently been getting back into gears and I constantly feel this. Like I know I’m not a bad player but when you solo que against a whole squad it can feel like I’m trash since my team gets rolled!

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