Tired of seeing the I'm Done with gears 5 posts

I come on here and always see posts saying I’m done with gears 5 or goodbye gears, something along those lines, if ur turning ur back on gears 5 and not playing anymore just do it, you don’t have to announce it to everyone, most people don’t care if you play or not, how many of those who say their giving up gears 5 actually do, not many I expect, they just want to post it to get comments or possibly annoy people.


I’m glad you made this thread as I am giving up Gears…

…when I’m 6ft under or turned to ash :+1:


Haha, I’m done with those kinda posts! :slight_smile:


I personally think people should say their peace, but I agree that there are just too many, and most of them are not constructive at all.

I don’t really mind when people go into details as to why they’re quitting and try to provide feedback that may be useful to the devs, but when it’s just “I quit Gears, 06 vet, profanity, profanity, misspelled words, more profanity, stupid comparison to Fortnite, even more profanity, signed d.uchebag.”, I can’t help but roll my eyes.


Hmmmm makes me wanna make one


Because the game is a torture that is why


I’m done with Gears…until they bring Griffin back and/or fix Horde to how it was in 4. Too many good games out now that are way better than Gears 5 too.


Long may they continue.


People don’t make those threads to bring attention to themselves and just try to tell everyone “Hey, I’m quitting! Did you hear me?!” I feel like this post saying how boring and just how many posts there are of people saying that there done is sad. At some point in the day, I’m pretty sure one of those posts is in the top 3 threads. It just goes to show how bad this game is. It kinda crazy how on the forums there are more posts of people quitting than people praising this game. I get that it’s boring and repetitive but I mean, think of all the people that quit and didn’t say anything. Kinda sad


People don’t make forum accounts to to praise the game.

The main reason people join the forum is to complain.

Then you get the stayers that linger and discuss the same stuff over and over.

Then you get the die hards who care about the lore not just what game is their favourite.

Then you get the casual who posts from year to year asking how do i unlock (insert skin) that was only available several months ago.


Playing a lot more 2 and 3 again…gears 5 aint great…but have a couple of friends who play, also added a couple from the forums…but theres no escaping this new stuff…is far removed from being “gears of war”…shame greed n general stupidity…alienated the fanbase🙄


Im there also. I went back to replay the Witcher 3 for a while. Gears has become grindy. And a grindy game with bland gampley; I just cant bring myself to keep playing like i could with all the other gears games.


Sad thing is they make these dramatic I’m done with this game posts but if you creep their gamer tag a week later what do you know they are playing Gears 5

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I do agree that “I quit” threads are silly but what’s even worse is a “Quit saying you quit” thread.
This forum isn’t just about Gears 5. There’s a lot of people who were here before 5 and will be here after. Tactics is coming out as well. It’s OK for people to air their feelings about each game.


You’re looking up their tags to see what they’re playing??..


Sad but true.

Who is DON?? Proof reading is hard


You forgot “can’t wait to start playing Modern Warfare.”


How about “Gears is the only game I play on muh Xbox so now I’m selling muh Xbox.”



Couldn’t the exact same logic be applied to this post though?

I mean people are frustrated with a product that they purchased why can they not complain about it on the games official forum?

Is it because you do not want people complaining about something that you like?

These posts right here I will never understand, its easy to see why people want to complain about a bad product but I will never understand people who say that you cant complain about a product that they paid for. I mean you are entitled to your opinion and good for you to but its a pretty ridiculous the conclusion you have come to.