Tired of randoms vs stacks

There seem to be a lot of 4 or 5 person teams. Can’t they wait to be matched against each other? Rather than a 5 person team vs 5 individuals.
And no, I don’t want to make friends and be on a team. Thanks tho.

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I mean if you don’t make a team the same things just gonna happen. You can’t complain about facing a team in a TEAM based game and game mode.

I get that it sucks being paired up with individuals and fighting a team but if you’re not even gonna try and find some people to enjoy these modes with then you’re unenjoyment is your own doing. If anything you’d benefit more from playing with a team,

I don’t get post like these because you CHOSE to play a team based mode and now you’re upset because you’re fighting a team? Just squad up man.


^^^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Not everyone teams up with you… Also alot of people that want to team up with me dont speak a word of English

Okay theres more places to search for teammates.Here,Xbox post,Moot hell reddit maybe. Theres no excuse for anyone not being to find teammates. Just specify who you’re looking for and lay down some ground rules. It’ll probably take time but you’ll find people and hell probably make new friends.

But saying stacks don’t belong in TDM or gears in general is just restricting the way others digest this game and that’s not fun for anyone. TDM is a ghost town right now because of it

Ive had 3 masters on my team it doesnt mean everyone wants to party up either… An also i dont play deathmatch because you cant have a squad i can deal with 4v4 but duo is complete nonsense

Honestly I don’t even care. Somehow this game gets worse every day game play wise. I am about to hang it up. I took a long break, came back hoping it improved and irs the same inconsistent mess as when I left. I saw some threads saying TC may have outsourced. That may have been the problem why they can’t fix ■■■■. The game is too old to get a revival we are stuck with a low playerbase, bad pings and game play inconsistencies. I’m just tired of playing a failing game. Stacks no stacks it dosent matter now its just a bad game and is a failure despite what the game media reports. Hopefully Microsoft takes a deep look at why this game failed and makes sure to leave ample time for 6 to function right or this is just over.

That’s just them dude. You gotta find the right people. As for the other statement I agree. 4v4 is fine but don’t make it duos only. I only play duos by choice but even I think that’s pathetic

Oh definitely not. Giving stacks a separate matchmaking would not only slow down searches, but would also take away the satisfaction of being a stack with a team of individuals.

Never did I say teams should be banned. I suggested they be matched against other teams.

I only play KOTH. There are more individuals than teams. I don’t think you can expect all individuals to make friends and play as a team. So the suggestion to join a team doesn’t solve the problem unless everyone teams up. I also don’t want to play on a 5 person team against randoms - it’s not much of a challenge - what’s the point - just beat up on people in an unfair situation?

When I made this post I played 2 games in a row of 5 person team vs 5 randoms, then a couple games later 4 vs randoms. There were obviously enough people playing that night that in a short period of time I came across 3 teams. It wouldn’t take much extra time in matchmaking to match teams together.

It is very rare for 5 individuals to beat a team in KOTH, which makes playing much less fun. If TC wants people to keep playing, they need their customers to have fun playing. I’m making a suggestion to make it more fun for me and all the other individuals out there.

no, we’re going to make you wait for an all solo experience with something you need to opt into.

my guess is you won’t think its fair to make you wait while everyone else has faster matchmaking.

I’d be happy to wait! I already have my connection set for “better ping” rather than “faster matchmaking” I’d rather wait then spend 15 min playing a match where I’m getting wrecked by a full team the entire time, but can’t leave without getting penalized.

I’m just curious, did you ever make a thread or complain about this issue before we got stack indicators?

Without the indicator, it’s impossible to know if you’re getting badly beaten because its a stack, vs just randomly happens to be a better team, although there are indications of team play such as everyone rushing the ring at once. So, no, I didn’t not complain about it then.

However, I have played many matches of 5 randoms vs 5 person teams with the indicator, and almost always lose…badly. It’s not fun. I play the game to have fun and I realize you win some and lose some and some players are better than others, but this is a specific situation which is unbalanced and makes it not fun for solo players. I have to waste 15 min of my free time playing a match that I’m getting destroyed in.

It would certainly be more fun to be on the 5 person team then on the solo team in these instances, but I wouldn’t in general enjoy playing as a team vs randoms. What makes games fun is the challenge, and if you have a huge advantage and easily win every match, what’s the point?

I would think the stacks would be making a post complaining for the same reason, unless they have low self esteem and get pumped to win a lopsided battle.

This is why they do it. To rank higher on the ladder for a dumb weapon skin and bragging rights that nobody really cares about except them. Almost none of them are actually good enough to go play a tournament.

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I guess that’s why people are adamantly disagreeing with me. They play as a team and like to win every match and then pat themselves on the back. I guess I’ll hold my head high as I continue to lose against stacks.

This is what I’ve been saying is that stacks should have to play against stacks plain and simple.

Stack 5 players don’t like that though cause they like playing against 5 randoms so they can get easy wins and rank up easy. Unless the 5 randoms are all good it’s an easy win for a stack 5.

I’m a diamond solo player how many stack 5 can say that none cause they need their easy wins against randoms that aren’t good.

I use to play with a team in gears 3 and ue and we steam rolled everyone aka easy wins cause we were all good and had Communication. My team doesn’t play this dumb game anymore so I solo play and guess what…I’m diamond and against stacks so yeah.

I’ll say it one more time for those confused…stacks should have to play against stacks to keep it competitive and not easy for the stacks.


No point in arguing with this forum or community either cause they are all so toxic and don’t like anyone else’s opinions.

do you hear that sound? it’s my eyes rolling back into my head

So, do you enjoy playing as a full team against randoms? It is fun to have a significant advantage over your opponent?
I understand that people play in a team for multiple reasons - friendship being a big one. And I know the communication and teamwork can add to the fun of the game. But, against randoms? What’s the point? If I was on a team, I’d want to play against other teams.
Also do you act like an ■■■ and teabag the randoms as you gang kill them? (I see more immature behavior like that from teams compared to other randoms). Get gunned down by 5 lancers then long-executioned.
I’ll avoid the reference to male anatomy here.

Make friends & play as a team.
FFA is there for solo players.