Tired of being banned for lagging out

This is the 7th time this has happend this op. I lagged out in the middle of a ranked KOTH game on the second round. Rejoined as quickly as possible using rejoin option that pops up, rejoin within the round (so that gp and stats in game were kept) and ended up winning 2-0. The upon receiving my xp and gp I’m banned needing to complete 10 social games. I put in a ticket but still no response, I refuse to complete a faulty ban by social games. Can this stop happening or be looked at please.

All Hail TC


I’ve played four ranked games today and two times I’ve been completely dashboarded, haven’t been banned but by the time I’ve rejoined it’s a lost cause

Ridiculous really.

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Nice! I’m liking the UI for the ranked ban, how there’s a lock, explanation, and a counter. First time I’ve seen this. Not saying it’s a good thing this happened to you though. Sorry about that! More commenting on aesthetics. Hope you get it worked out. :slightly_frowning_face:


I get scared to play ranked because of it lol, literally contemplate every game I play like will it be worth it…

Yeah its helpful when it works correctly lol, thanks


I thought they had removed the rejoin button as it’s never there when this BS happens to me.

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Its hit or miss much like the servers themselves


Wait, you joined back in and STILL got banned?

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Joined back in, won the match, and got banned after being rewarded gp. Yes

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“Thanks for not quitting and actually coming back.

Please enjoy your reward of being banned too.


  • TC

That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

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Can’t you bypass a ban in the same way you can still get into the recruits-playlist at max lvl?

Never heard of a ban after rejoining an finishing match an i have gotten the ban message multiple times but never banned…

I even had to intentionally leave an reconnect because of unplayable packet loss some matches an still no ban

Were it so easy…

7th time this op… will get the chance to rejoin, complete the match, and still receive a ban. Over it

You know what I’m referring to , right?

Maybe… possibly not?

You’re honestly better off playing social to get unbanned, your ticket might sitting there for awhile

While in the main-menu, go to the dashboard or whatever it’s called nowadays and wait for about 2-3 minutes and go back into the game. At this point the game auto-disconnected you and if you’re quick enough you’ll get full access to recruits which usually doesn’t show up or is locked. No clue if it works for a ban though, only been banned once for 15minutes cause the Squad kicked one of my buddies and I didn’t notice before I was matched up in a lobby.

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Yeah that’s what I figured, was hoping @TC_Kilo1062 would take a look if he could. And just trynna let it be known as an issue in general too.

I’ll check it out, doubt it though, and I’m already 7/10, that comment i made in original post about refusing to play social to get back… I lied

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If it works, send me a private message so I can delete my post.

Funfact: changing your GT apparently bypasses even infinite bans.

Cant get rid of my og:( you know what slayer is reference too?