Tips for winning Free For All?

I have 74/85 medals done in Operation 2 and I’m trying my best to finish the last 11 soon.

One of the biggest challenges for me is FFA. I only have 1/5 FFA wins and I was wondering if anybody has any tips. I think I’ve played maybe 10 matches of FFA total and it is just really difficult for me.

Know the map, grab the power weapons like Boom, TB, Nades, Dropshot - explosives are generally easier to kill and faster.

Also, try and not run out into the open.

For me, FFA is frustrating when trying to find others to kill, the scoreboard doesn’t wait, so a bit of luck to have people around you too.

Also, picking off people in their fights is good, the amount of times a lancer takes down 2-3 guys fighting each other, or, running in with Shotty and cleaning up.


kit kut

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Also, steal kills. :sweat_smile:


I have more then 200 victory in FFA. I am a Beast!

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Wow… that’s good to know.
Perhaps instead of just bragging, you could share some tips with OP as that is the point of this thread…


The possibility of getting flanked is high. Either commit to your gunfight so you at least have a kill or two before you die, or try to reposition, and hope the flanker switches aggro, and pick them off.

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I haven’t won one yet, but I’ve come close a few times. Spawns seem to get me every time.

My only advice is play during off times. The game will now start with just seven I think. I find it easier when it’s not full. When the match is full it seems you get popped by someone at distance or corner camping at every turn.

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If you ain’t first your last homie.


Take just about everything that Gears players call “scummy” and apply it to FFA.

  • Interfere with as many fights as you can, especially with a Lancer.
  • Secure power weapons and hold position if you have a target.
  • The scoreboard waits for no one. Farm an enemy if you’re lucky to have one that keeps running to their death.
  • In addition, don’t be afraid to camp. More players focusing on you means less kills for the competition.
  • Steal kills like an eagle swooping in for a meal.
  • Keep as much distance as possible and always make sure to have cover for both flanks as you could get caught in a sandwich spawn
  • Secure height advantage
  • Some luck is required since spawns could be almost anywhere.

I’m sure there’s more to it beyond the fundamentals.


I like to take the slide as much as possible, keeps team moral up.


Hope Cole says whooooo when he does it.

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He does, every time. And he wears the hat forwards while he does it.


Get good ping. The anount of high ping ■■■■■ the server like crazy. Ive notice. 1-35 ping is your best bet. Bc its fluid like no other. Boomer, mace is your best kill streak. For Boom,

find a group at sniper or torque mostly players at or high range of conflicts . I just got like 6-7 like no other times before, unless the population is really dead, bc you come across the same GT.

Dont panic or get frustrated . That’s your downfall. Focus and breath at times durinh high impact groups. Think 3 steps ahead. You will get sweaty moments. Also WATCH YOUR BACK!
good luck

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I’ve won about 1/2 of the FFA I’ve played and basically it boils down to lucky spawns and making sure you grab power weapons.

-Steal kills

-Camp power weapon areas that have heavy traffic: Incediaries/Snipe on Core, TB on Pit etc…

  • Kill quickly. If a fight is lasting too long, it’s ok to run away because you’re likely to get attacked by a 3rd party.

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How much do you pay? :joy:

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Retro lancer has always worked well for sorting the gnasher fools.

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